Why Does Japan Have Tsunamis?

The main suspects that bring those emotions out are frequent natural disasters including tsunamis that disrupt daily lives and tragically even take some away — as when the major tsunami that struck Japan in 2011.

Common Jobs in Japan – 10 Professional Careers You Can Apply For Today

The highly advanced country that is Japan has hundreds, if not thousands, of fast-paced and driven industries that keep the country going. In each industry, you can imagine jobs of various levels of expertise and skillsets — some of these jobs are more than others. With such a working culture in this island nation, the … Read more

Does Disneyland Exist In Japan? — The Magical World Of Tokyo Disney

The answer is: yes, there is a Disneyland in Japan. In fact, the one in The Land of The Rising Sun is actually located right smack in the middle of the island nation — pretty close to the capital city Tokyo. It is so close that Japan’s Disney theme park is known as Tokyo Disneyland.

How Does Japan Celebrate Halloween? — The World’s Greatest Street Party

The Japanese are pretty festive all year round — it’s in their blood to go all out for anything — and that includes the Western spooky celebration. While it’s not quite the same as how the people in the West celebrate it, Japan commemorates this month their very own way. Even though houses wouldn’t be decorated, the streets will. Even though trick-or-treating isn’t a practice, you’ll still be able to get your ghostly snacks at any eatery you walk in.

The Tallest Mountains in Japan – A Guide On How To Climb Them

We all are well aware of Mt. Fuji — Japan’s tallest mountain needs no introduction — but there are a couple of other tall mountains right after the great Fujisan that deserve the same amount of love. Mt. Fuji has gotten all the attention from the travelers day in and day out, regardless of whether or not they are mountain climbing enthusiasts or not. This leaves the other great tall mountain competitors empty of climbers and non-climbers alike — take this to your advantage, then! Why follow the beaten track when you can venture elsewhere with a more authentic experience?

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