What They Don’t Tell You About Being A Foreigner In Japan

Those of us who are old enough to move on our own are matured enough to realise that the foreign country we’re moving to definitely has their own way of running things — we’re not that naive. The good and the bad, we have to accept them all. But for some of us who chose Japan as the destination country, we had no idea what we were in for as foreigners in the country. What we didn’t prepare for are the levels of settling in that we have no choice but to go through and put up with just because we’re not Japanese — physically and psychologically.

Where To Shop In Japan – The Shopper’s Guide To Tokyo And Osaka

Japan will bring out even the smallest and deeply burrowed shopaholic out to play. The Land of the Rising Sun is not only reputable in quality and range of products in all categories but it also produces quite a substantial amount of Japan-exclusive ones that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. The key is to know where to look. However, the country is huge and for travelers with only a limited amount of time in the country, it’s impossible to cover every inch of land for the best goods.

Beaches in Japan: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need For Sun, Sand, and Sea

You wouldn’t expect Japan to be scattered with amazing beaches, complete with picturesque landscapes. Some are even wonderful spots for sunsets and sunrise — after all, it is the Land of the Rising Sun. The island nation’s beaches are perfect getaway spots for the people of the city. The peace and serenity are exactly what they’re looking for. There’s the impression that the only beaches worth visiting are all down south of Japan — little did they know beaches on the mainland, even the northern part, can be twice as beautiful!

The Best Way To See Japan – Complete With The Ultimate Japan Itinerary!

Once you’ve confirmed the dates for your Japan travel, there’s still tons more to do even before hopping on your flight. The preparation before the actual trip is crucial to making it the best it could be! Everything from all the bookings to substantial research is highly urged so that you’re able to experience authentic Japan. After all, any traveler’s desire is to be immersed in the country they’re traveling to — and what’s better than a trip full of the best ways to see it?

The Kimono: What Is It and Why Do The Japanese Wear Them?

The word “kimono” has been thrown around as casually and as often a word can be, but do people actually know what it is? It’s quite obvious to everyone that this form of clothing belongs to the Japanese but it’s not just a fashion style — the kimono has quite a culturally rich history with significance to the wearer. It’s also a huge category with not only one type of kimono but numerous types for various occasions. With the untrained, naked eyes, you can’t imagine how a single bolt of cloth can differ from one another.

What To Do in Japan in December – The Weather, Clothing, and Snow

Japanese winter is nothing short of magical. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled onto a fairytale world with the snow-covered trees and slopes, with illuminations that warm up the streets with their twinkling lights. Rest assured you won’t be under the sheets of your accommodation all trip in Japan. You’ll be out and about, taking in everything Japan has to offer in the joyous month of December.

Bargain Shopping: The Cheapest Things To Buy in Japan

For those of us who have been to this great land, and especially for those lucky ones who had (or still having) the opportunity to live here, would know that it’s actually not so bad. While there are things that are comparably expensive to get here, there are also quite a number of things that are extremely cheap and only in Japan! Sometimes it’s a matter of luck on discovering the exact spot that sells the item cheap, but there are also categories of stuff that’s the cheapest overall. Occasionally, you got to have a little bit of both.

The Top 6 Things Foreigners Should Not Do in Japan

Here’s the thing: if you’re not born in Japan or have lived long enough in the country, you wouldn’t necessarily know the ins and outs of it. The Japanese etiquette is one that’s profound and sometimes confusing. The unique customs, social norms and rules that regulate the society and relations can be pretty far off compared to what some of us are used to, including the tons of “don’ts” that we are obliged to follow. Even if foreigners tend to get a “free pass” in most situations, it’s best to not take advantage of that.

The Most Overrated Tourist Places in Japan: What and Why Are They?

Don’t get me wrong — Japan is gorgeous in every way at every corner. There are some areas that are more satisfying than others to visit. Likewise, the other way around is true as well. There are hyped up areas that aren’t as you expect it to be, but these not-up-to-standard spots are apparently getting way more attention than they deserve. Most of the time, these overrated places in Japan are crawling with tourists with their camera phones or high-tech cameras trying to get the perfect picture. And sometimes, that’s all there is to these overblown tourist places — they’re just a picture spot, looking good in photos but not as substantial in real life.

How To Find A Barber In Japan, The Ultimate Guide

The Japanese people are quite obsessed with their visual presentation, especially in terms of grooming. Walk down any street in Japan and you’ll come across not one or two but at least five different barbershops and salons. More often than not they’re priced at a premium cost because the Japanese would never compromise on quality and service. With such a concentrated market, it can be quite confusing as to which one to set your mind on for your regular haircut fit.

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