Viewing A Blood Moon in Japan – The Ancient Mythology and Its Significance

The blood moon is a rare sight, making it spellbinding in itself. In our present day, we have the science to explain why Earth’s natural satellite turns red once every few years. But can you imagine what the people in ancient times think about the natural light in the night sky suddenly becoming blood red one evening? It would’ve raised more than one question and have alarmed most. The Japanese have been around for so long that it’s not surprising that the people have their own superstitions and mythology on the blood moon.

How Japan is Stopping Plastic Use And Contributing to a Waste-Free Future

Whether the unrestrained usage of plastic is because of quality providence, cleanliness, or convenience, there’s no denying the fact that the numbers are reaching a dangerously high level. The people of Japan are starting to realize that, and a couple of changes have been set in motion to assist the situation. Yet, it may not be enough to reverse the effects of decades of damage. What else can Japan — and those of us who are traveling and residing in it — do to soften the blow of impact of excessive plastic use?

How Did The Name “Japan” Evolve From “Nihon”?

Most of us know Japan this present day simply as what it is: Japan. However, for the local Japanese people, their home country is known as “Nihon”. That led us pondering on the relation between the two, and how these names even came about. Because “Japan” and “Nihon” are the furthest away from each other … Read more

What’s It Like Getting A Tattoo in Japan? — How The History Contributes To The Experience

To get one in the Land of the Rising Sun is unlike any other — given that tattoos have made a mark (pun intended) way back in the history of Japan, as far back in the 5,000BC, their quality and techniques are unquestionable. None can match up or even compete. The ancient tale of Japanese tattoos carved the scene of this art-on-skin today — from methods and studio settings to design and creativity — and it is not only inspiring but a motivation for some to travel across the globe just to get inked.

What Is Sampuru? The Illusive Art Of Japanese Food Replicas

Known as the “sampuru” by the Japanese which translates to mean sample, these food replicas are a glance into what to expect at the restaurant — from the actual bowl to toppings and side dishes included. The details of the food replicas can even boil down to the bubbles of oil in a ramen bowl. The best part of these food replicas is that it acts as a visual menu to point at, for those of us who are lacking in the survival Japanese language. If a picture says a thousand words, an actual 3D model of the meal will speak volumes.

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