How To Watch Sumo In Japan — 6 Resourceful Tips To Help You

Sumo wrestling is Japan’s national sport for very good reasons – it’s exciting, complicated, unpredictable, and really fun to watch. Despite the number of Japanese fans and viewers dropping in recent years, sumo is still a fascinating piece of Japanese culture.

Does Japan Have Homeless People? — Hidden In Plain Sight

Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, you’ll undoubtedly take note of the differences between Japan and your own home country, whether they be positive or negative. Something that many people notice is the lack of homeless people and panhandlers in Japan’s major cities. Does this mean that Japan has solved the issue of … Read more

Does Japan Have Bathhouses? — The Steamy History Of Sentō

Japanese bathhouses have been a fixture in the country for centuries and can be traced back to 710 A.D. Not to be confused with onsen, public bathhouses, or sentō, offer bathing and soaking facilities for a small entrance fee, and visitors are separated into male and female areas where they get clean and relax too.

The History Of Sumo – Everything You Need To Know

Sumo is a Japanese style of wrestling, and it’s also the country’s national sport. Matches are fought between wrestlers whose goal is to gain weight and strength, which might seem counter-intuitive when compared to the stereotypical image of a fit, lean athlete. But despite their size, sumo wrestlers, or rikishi, are models of strength, determination, and dedication to a craft, and their sport is one that dates back centuries.

The History of Anime In Japan — The Interesting Evolution Of A Successful Industry

Anime literally means “animation” in Japan, so in theory, could apply to any form of animation from around the world, but in modern times has come to refer to any and all Japanese animation. When most people think of anime they think of vibrant and beautifully drawn scenes, that are both dramatic and heartfelt, sometimes with just a hint of magic. Where did anime begin? And how did it evolve into the successful industry it is today? The story of animation in Japan is almost as dramatic and captivating as the anime themselves.

Why Is Japan So Clean? — The Reasoning Behind The Country’s Cleanliness

Many who haven’t been to Japan wonder if its streets could really be as clean as they’re described by those who have been. For the most part, yes, Japan’s streets are impeccably clean. However, the full answer is a little more complicated, and a little bit of digging shows that perhaps Japan is not quite as spotless as it would seem on the surface. So, why is Japan thought of as one of the cleanest countries in the world? And where does it fall short of its own rep?

How Safe Is It To Travel In Japan? — A Look At What Deters Criminals

Japan is regularly called one of the safest countries in the world, and for many years has had the low-crime rate to back that statement up. That’s not to say that crime does not exist there, but thousands of tourists visit each year and say the same things: they felt safe, the streets felt safe, and there seems to be much less crime than in their own country. Is Japan really as safe as they say? Are there parts of Japan that aren’t as safe as others? And what contributes to the strong sense of safety and security that people feel in the country?

How Do You Buy A Sim Card In Japan? — A Guide To Staying Connected While Traveling

While Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly popular throughout Japan, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to find somewhere that has it, particularly outside of the cities. Whether you just can’t live without your social media feed, you want to give people serious FOMO about your trip, or, like me, you love google maps and the power it gives you to explore new places, then you’ll probably want to consider your internet options for your next trip to Japan. The great news is you have plenty of them.

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