How to Learn the Japanese Language at Home – Easy Ways to Enhance Your Skills

Learning Japanese is a rewarding experience that opens your life up to new opportunities and adventures and a whole new culture. With home learning, you can do this from the comfort and ease of your computer or smartphone and prepare yourself for Japan. Find the online platform that’s right for you and start building your study habits.

Can You Use Credit Cards in Japan? – A Country’s Commitment to Cash

Yes, you can use credit cards in Japan, but not as widely or as easily as you’re used to. Cash is the go-to there, so if you do want to use a card, you need to know where and how you can use it. You also need to know how to get cash and pay at places that don’t accept cards. Make a plan before you go.

The History of Sakura – Learning The Beauty Of The Cherry Blossoms

Sakura is the name for the Japanese cherry blossom tree, but it’s so much more than that. The blossoms the trees produce each year in a brilliant but short-lived explosion of color are an ancient and fundamental part of Japanese culture. While their natural beauty alone is worth experiencing, the symbolism of sakura makes them truly magical. This symbolism has played a role in Japan’s history from the beginning.

The Best Souvenirs and Food at Nakamise Dori

Filled with traditional street food and a wide variety of souvenirs, Nakamise Dori is a must-visit for anyone in Asakusa. Since this shopping street features almost 100 stores and is usually packed with people, it’s good to have a general idea of what’s there before you go. That way you don’t miss any of the best souvenirs and food. From katana samurai swords to animal-shaped candy, there’s something for everyone on Nakamise Dori.

Can You Drink Tap Water in Japan?

Japan’s tap water is clean and safe, and it often tastes good too. An extensive water treatment system provides drinkable tap water for over 99% of the country.

Why Japan is An Empire – From Legends To Imperial Rule

Nominally, Japan has been an empire for most of its history. However, historians usually consider its imperial era to be its time of colonial expansion in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Yet this time period is a product of Japan’s historical circumstances and ambitions. Discover how Japan’s self-image as an empire and the role of its emperor have changed dramatically throughout history.

How Long Is A Flight To Japan?

A direct flight from the continental US to Japan can take between 10 to 15 hours. The variety is due to many factors like geography and weather. To determine the specific flight time, find your specific route on the list. Also, take the outside variables into account that may increase the time of your trip.

The Best Hotels in Shinjuku – A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

With so many impressive options, finding the right hotel in Shinjuku means narrowing down what you want. Whether it’s luxury, a low price or traditional Japanese lodging, an incredible hospitality experience is waiting for you. These eight hotels specifically have something to offer anyone staying in the area.

Is There Walmart in Japan? — How to Get Your Shopping Done in the Land of the Rising Sun

For those who are used to driving a few blocks to Walmart anytime they need anything, day or night, shopping in a foreign country can be a shock. Luckily, Walmart actually exists in Japan, if by another name: Seiyu. Plus, many other chains of hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores give you plenty of options. In the end, getting your shopping done in Japan is as easy and convenient, if not more so, than back home.

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