How Can You Work in Japan? – A Guide For Those Who Want To Make The Move

There are a number of different roads you can take towards working in Japan – more than ever with recent government efforts to increase the foreign workforce. It is worth taking some time to research and consider the various options available to you as a potential foreign worker in Japan – including visa options and opportunities across popular sectors.

The Differences Between Feudalism in Japan And Europe

We could spend a whole article discussing exactly what feudalism is. For those of us who aren’t history buffs, a very oversimplified way of explaining a feudal system is this. Nobility rule the society, and ordinary people work and fight on behalf of the nobility in exchange for protection and a place to live. This system is commonly associated with medieval Europe, but Japan was also a feudal society between 1192 and 1868.

How To Buy A House In Japan — A Guide For New Homeowners

Property purchase in any country is a long and arduous process – from saving your down payment, to working out what kind of house you actually want, to the bidding wars, to the hidden legal fees, to the heartbreak of a sale falling through – it’s hard not to emerge on the other side with mild PTSD. Throw in the challenge of a new country with different laws and purchasing culture, and you’ve pretty much got a recipe for a migraine. Don’t let that put you off buying in Japan though – approach the process with logic, knowledge, and a healthy amount of emotional detachment and you will secure your happy ending.

What Is Origami? — Japan’s Renown Art Of Folding Paper

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, and this is what the name “origami” literally translates to (“ori” means folding, and “kami” means paper in Japanese). To create origami, you must use only your hands to craft a shape out of a simple piece of paper. You cannot alter the material using scissors, glue, or any other implement – you can’t even mark the paper.

Can You Gamble In Japan? — Ways To Legally Gamble Without The Casino

The question of whether or not gambling is illegal in Japan is not black and white. Officially, most forms of gambling have been illegal in Japan for many years (refer to Chapter 23 of the Japanese Criminal Code for the exact wording of the law) – but there have been ways and means for thrill-seekers to get their (above board or otherwise) adrenaline fix in Japan since then. New laws passed in 2016 have indicated a bright future for potential casinos in Japan – though they have yet to officially open their doors.

How Does Japan’s School System Work? — A Guide To The Japanese School System And Education

Like most aspects of life in Japan, the school system is equal parts strictly regimented and delightfully unique. It teaches students the values of Japanese society in a very practical way from a young age, preserving the core culture that makes Japan what it is in a seamless manner. That’s not to say that the Japanese school system doesn’t have its critics – many argue that it puts too much pressure on young shoulders, and the consequences of this can be serious.

Why Can’t Sumo Wrestlers Drive In Japan? — A Brief Exploration into the Inner World of Sumo

Sumo wrestling in Japan is far more than just a sport – it’s a ritual which is over 1500 years old. Those who sumo wrestle are not simply people with a hobby, they are athletes who have devoted every aspect of their lives to their craft. Many foreigners don’t realise the huge personal sacrifices that sumo wrestlers must make when they commit to the lifestyle – including forgoing driving.

How Did Japan Become Successful As A Country? — A Post-War Miracle

The exponential growth of Japan’s economy over a relatively short period of time has been a topic of study by economists worldwide. Japan has developed from a feudal system into a major world economic power with an efficiency that is typical of the Land of The Rising Sun.

What Can You Expect At Customs In Japan? — Everything To Be Aware Of

When travelling to any new country, it’s important to be well-versed in what you can and cannot bring through customs. There’s nothing worse than starting or ending your trip with a stressful (and usually entirely avoidable) airport drama. Japanese customs guidelines are very reasonable and similar to most other countries – familiarize yourself with them and you can’t go too far wrong.

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