How To Watch Sumo In Japan — 6 Resourceful Tips To Help You

Sumo wrestling is Japan’s national sport for very good reasons – it’s exciting, complicated, unpredictable, and really fun to watch. Despite the number of Japanese fans and viewers dropping in recent years, sumo is still a fascinating piece of Japanese culture.

Why Does Japan Have Tsunamis?

The main suspects that bring those emotions out are frequent natural disasters including tsunamis that disrupt daily lives and tragically even take some away — as when the major tsunami that struck Japan in 2011.

Can You Smoke in Japan? – An Easy Guide for Stress-free Smoking

While tobacco is a declining business in most of the world, Japan’s industry has largely managed to stay strong. Here you’ll find a much more smoker-friendly environment than in most Western countries. This is because the tobacco lobby is generally very strong, due in part to the fact that the government finance ministry owns about … Read more

Can You Use Credit Cards in Japan? — A Country’s Commitment to Cash

Yes, you can use credit cards in Japan, but not as widely or as easily as you’re used to. Cash is the go-to there, so if you do want to use a card, you need to know where and how you can use it. You also need to know how to get cash and pay at places that don’t accept cards. Make a plan before you go.

Common Jobs in Japan – 10 Professional Careers You Can Apply For Today

The highly advanced country that is Japan has hundreds, if not thousands, of fast-paced and driven industries that keep the country going. In each industry, you can imagine jobs of various levels of expertise and skillsets — some of these jobs are more than others. With such a working culture in this island nation, the … Read more

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