How To Buy A Sim Card In Japan

While Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly popular throughout Japan, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to find somewhere that has it, particularly outside of the cities. Whether you just can’t live without your social media feed, you want to give people serious FOMO about your trip, or, like me, you love google maps and the power it gives you to explore new places, then you’ll probably want to consider your internet options for your next trip to Japan. The great news is you have plenty of them.

10 Unique Things You Can Only Buy In Japan

With the birth of online shopping, you might assume that there’s nothing you can’t just order online, but Japan still has many cool things that you can’t really buy unless you go there. Gift-giving is a big deal in Japan, so they’ve got an endless number of cute things that make perfect souvenirs. Whether it’s gadgets, games, gifts, ornaments, or just a real reminder of your trip, there are plenty of unique things you can get in Japan and Japan only. The best news is we’re not talking about cheap, kitschy things like fridge magnets either, but rather well-made, beautiful items that will make great gifts for others or yourself (and some things you can only get and enjoy while you’re there).

What to Expect at Customs in Japan

When travelling to any new country, it’s important to be well-versed in what you can and cannot bring through customs. There’s nothing worse than starting or ending your trip with a stressful (and usually entirely avoidable) airport drama. Japanese customs guidelines are very reasonable and similar to most other countries – familiarize yourself with them and you can’t go too far wrong.

Where To Ski And Snowboard In Japan – A Snowlovers Complete Guide

Skiers and snowboarders here benefit from excellent transport links, high-quality accommodation, and thousands of natural hot springs in which to ease their aching muscles after a long day on the slopes. Whether you want to spend a weekend away from the city or go for a full skiing vacation, you’ll find plenty of options to suit you.

A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Japan

In fact, by some estimates there are over 600 species of bird which make Japan their home, with about 60% of those being migratory. Many birds enjoy a revered status in the culture, having inspired poetry and paintings for centuries, while others are seen as a modern nuisance.

The Best Way to Travel in Japan

Japan is a country crammed full of adventure. There are so many things to do and see that anyone traveling there wants to know the best ways to take it all in. With the right know-how, you can take advantage of the many different resources Japan offers travelers and enjoy as much of the country as possible.

Where To Shop In Japan – The Shopper’s Guide To Tokyo And Osaka

Japan will bring out even the smallest and deeply burrowed shopaholic out to play. The Land of the Rising Sun is not only reputable in quality and range of products in all categories but it also produces quite a substantial amount of Japan-exclusive ones that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. The key is to know where to look. However, the country is huge and for travelers with only a limited amount of time in the country, it’s impossible to cover every inch of land for the best goods.

Beaches in Japan: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need For Sun, Sand, and Sea

You wouldn’t expect Japan to be scattered with amazing beaches, complete with picturesque landscapes. Some are even wonderful spots for sunsets and sunrise — after all, it is the Land of the Rising Sun. The island nation’s beaches are perfect getaway spots for the people of the city. The peace and serenity are exactly what they’re looking for. There’s the impression that the only beaches worth visiting are all down south of Japan — little did they know beaches on the mainland, even the northern part, can be twice as beautiful!

The Best Way To See Japan – Complete With The Ultimate Japan Itinerary!

Once you’ve confirmed the dates for your Japan travel, there’s still tons more to do even before hopping on your flight. The preparation before the actual trip is crucial to making it the best it could be! Everything from all the bookings to substantial research is highly urged so that you’re able to experience authentic Japan. After all, any traveler’s desire is to be immersed in the country they’re traveling to — and what’s better than a trip full of the best ways to see it?

What To Do in Japan in December – The Weather, Clothing, and Snow

Japanese winter is nothing short of magical. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled onto a fairytale world with the snow-covered trees and slopes, with illuminations that warm up the streets with their twinkling lights. Rest assured you won’t be under the sheets of your accommodation all trip in Japan. You’ll be out and about, taking in everything Japan has to offer in the joyous month of December.

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