The Truth Behind What To Expect At A Maid Café in Japan

Tourists often have a skewed image in their heads of what a maid café actually is – and this can lead to some awkward moments. If you go into a maid café with expectations of having some sort of sexual fetish realized, you’re likely to be sorely disappointed. A maid café does exactly what it says on the tin, really – it’s a café, where you are attended to by servers who either dress and act like exaggerated versions of old-school French maids, or like exaggerated versions of Victorian maids.

What to Expect when Traveling to Japan with a Tattoo

The truth of the matter is tattoos are becoming increasingly socially acceptable in Japanese society. It is unlikely that you will receive anything other than polite interest in your tattoos from the general public when traveling around Japan. However, in certain places – particularly onsens (hot springs), ryokans (traditional guesthouses), temples and public pools, you will still see blanket bans on tattoos.

Smoking In Japan? A Full Guide On Smoking Etiquette

Despite the number of smokers decreasing, smoking is still very common in Japan. You can expect to find people smoking openly in restaurants and bars. You can even purchase cigarettes from vending machines. Laws have been passed to prevent people from smoking in public spaces such as sidewalks, streets, parks, and government buildings.

10 Tips For First-Time Travelers To Japan

Here are ten tips for your first trip to Japan. These are things I wish I knew when I first went there years ago. They’ll cover ways to prepare before your trip to what you should watch out for when you’re sightseeing.

Top 10 Things You Must Do in Japan During The Fall

Fall in Japan is from September to early December. It is when the trees across Japan change into vibrant colors, when the harvest from the sea and the land are bountiful, and when you will find many festivals to enjoy.

How Dangerous Is Japan? What To Watch Out For During Your Trip

The 2019 Global Peace Index considers Japan as the ninth safest country in the world. This means that among 163 independent nations and territories all over the world, Japan has a relatively low rate for safety indicators like crimes, domestic conflicts, or tension among economic classes. However, the country is second in terms of natural Hazards.

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