Getting To FujiQ Highland Park And Riding Japan’s Craziest Roller Coasters

FujiQ Highland Park is one of the few amusement parks in Japan, resting at the foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. This park is divided up into 3 separate parks which include Highland Park, Thomas Land, and La Ville Gaspard et Lisa, and has a total of 40 different attractions including roller coasters, family rides, kiddie rides, and a water ride.

How To Get A Suica Or Pasmo Card In Japan – A Simple Walk-through

To get a Suica or Pasmo Card, you will have to look for the specific ticket machine at any train station. Suica is owned by JR East, so you will have to look for the green JR East ticket machines. When looking for a Pasmo Card, you will have to look for the pink Pasmo ticket machines. Each machine is typically branded with JR East or Pasmo, so it’s not hard to miss if you are looking for it.

How To Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo, A Complete Guide

At Haneda Airport, there are limited, but easy ways to get to the city center of Tokyo. This includes trains, buses, and taxis. The most commonly used way is by train through the Keikyu Airport Line and Tokyo Monorail. There are also two more options if you don’t want to take the train. You can opt in for the Friendly Limousine Bus, or a taxi. Because the options are limited and easy to use, you definitely won’t feel stressed or overwhelmed.

How To Get To Tokyo From Narita Airport, A Complete Guide

If you are landing in Narita, there is no doubt you are going to Tokyo. The Japanese do an insanely great job at making things convenient for people, especially tourists. This includes getting to Tokyo. Narita Airport offers many transit services by train, bus, and taxi. The most common way is by train on the Keisei Main Line, the Keisei Skyliner, JR Sobu Rapid Express Line, and the JR Narita Express (N’EX).

A Full Guide On How To Ride The Bus In Japan

If you are planning on going to places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, or Nagoya, learning how to travel by local bus is a must. Although Japan has trains connecting to almost anywhere, learning how to travel by bus can save you tons of time and money during your trip here. By riding the local bus, you unlock the ability to go almost anywhere in Japan. Even the attractions where rail doesn’t go.

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