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Callum Howe

Who Was the Last Samurai? — The Exciting Tale of Saigō Takamori

So who was the last samurai? That title is usually bestowed upon a man by the name of Saigō Takamori (1828 – 1877). He was one of the most important figures of Japan’s tumultuous transition into the modern era: instrumental in the restoration of power to the emperor and his new government, but also famous for taking up arms against these powers just a few years after!

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Azra Syakirah

How Does Japan Celebrate Halloween? — The World’s Greatest Street Party

The Japanese are pretty festive all year round — it’s in their blood to go all out for anything — and that includes the Western spooky celebration. While it’s not quite the same as how the people in the West celebrate it, Japan commemorates this month their very own way. Even though houses wouldn’t be decorated, the streets will. Even though trick-or-treating isn’t a practice, you’ll still be able to get your ghostly snacks at any eatery you walk in.

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