The History of Anime In Japan — The Interesting Evolution Of A Successful Industry

Anime literally means “animation” in Japan, so in theory, could apply to any form of animation from around the world, but in modern times has come to refer to any and all Japanese animation. When most people think of anime they think of vibrant and beautifully drawn scenes, that are both dramatic and heartfelt, sometimes with just a hint of magic. Where did anime begin? And how did it evolve into the successful industry it is today? The story of animation in Japan is almost as dramatic and captivating as the anime themselves.

Can Anime Show What Life Is Like In Japan?

Can an animated film or series actually depict what an entire country is really like? Lots of anime-lovers like myself would wholeheartedly say yes! Despite the prevalence of magical and often unrealistic storylines, there are aspects of anime that really do show you what it’s like to live in modern-day Japan.

Is Manga More Mainstream Than Anime In Japan?

For those interested in Japanese culture, anime is one of the first things they think of. In the West, it’s a major cultural import. But is it really that popular in Japan? The fact is, it’s not anime that dominates Japanese entertainment, but manga. Manga is the mainstream art form that infiltrates every aspect of Japanese society and dwarfs the influence of anime by comparison.

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