Does Japan Have Homeless People? — Hidden In Plain Sight

Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, you’ll undoubtedly take note of the differences between Japan and your own home country, whether they be positive or negative. Something that many people notice is the lack of homeless people and panhandlers in Japan’s major cities. Does this mean that Japan has solved the issue of … Read more

Why Does Japan Have Low Crime Rate?

Have you ever walked past a doorway in Japan after the bars close and see a fully suited-up businessman sleeping with his briefcase by his side? I can say with full confidence that in the UK, he would wake up without his bag, wallet, phone, and possibly his shoes. But for some reason, in Japan … Read more

How Does Japan Celebrate Halloween? — The World’s Greatest Street Party

The Japanese are pretty festive all year round — it’s in their blood to go all out for anything — and that includes the Western spooky celebration. While it’s not quite the same as how the people in the West celebrate it, Japan commemorates this month their very own way. Even though houses wouldn’t be decorated, the streets will. Even though trick-or-treating isn’t a practice, you’ll still be able to get your ghostly snacks at any eatery you walk in.

Does Japan Have Bathhouses? — The Steamy History Of Sentō

Japanese bathhouses have been a fixture in the country for centuries and can be traced back to 710 A.D. Not to be confused with onsen, public bathhouses, or sentō, offer bathing and soaking facilities for a small entrance fee, and visitors are separated into male and female areas where they get clean and relax too.

Can You Gamble In Japan? — Ways To Legally Gamble Without The Casino

The question of whether or not gambling is illegal in Japan is not black and white. Officially, most forms of gambling have been illegal in Japan for many years (refer to Chapter 23 of the Japanese Criminal Code for the exact wording of the law) – but there have been ways and means for thrill-seekers to get their (above board or otherwise) adrenaline fix in Japan since then. New laws passed in 2016 have indicated a bright future for potential casinos in Japan – though they have yet to officially open their doors.

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