How to Learn the Japanese Language at Home – Easy Ways to Enhance Your Skills

Learning Japanese is a rewarding experience that opens your life up to new opportunities and adventures and a whole new culture. With home learning, you can do this from the comfort and ease of your computer or smartphone and prepare yourself for Japan. Find the online platform that’s right for you and start building your study habits.

Why Do The Japanese Use Kanji?

Kanji is arguably the most prominent part of the Japanese writing system. The elegant characters, originally adapted from Chinese, make up most of the Japanese you’ll see written in books and magazines, on signs, and by hand. Understanding kanji is necessary to fully appreciate the Japanese language and culture, so this guide is here to help you get started.

Why Is Japanese Hard to Learn? Ways To Master A Seemingly Difficult Language

Japanese is a tough language to learn, there’s no doubt about it. For English speakers, many of the grammatical concepts are foreign, and the pronunciation is difficult. Plus, a history of isolation has made Japanese a unique language with a complicated writing system. Despite all this, there are ways to learn Japanese that not only make it easier but more fun too. Regardless of how you do it, learning such a beautiful and important language is a rewarding accomplishment you can be proud of forever.

How To Order Food At A Restaurant In Japan – A Full Language Walkthrough

Unless you go to a high-end restaurant or an established food chain in the big cities, the servers only speak Japanese, and the menus are in Japanese only. Don’t worry, you can most likely get what you want by just pointing at the item on the menu however, the waiter might ask you about the specifics of your meal. The worst-case scenario is getting something unexpected.

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