• For those of us who have been to this great land, and especially for those lucky ones who had (or still having) the opportunity to live here, would know that it’s actually not so bad. While there are things that are comparably expensive to get here, there are also quite a number of things that are extremely cheap and only in Japan! Sometimes it’s a matter of luck on discovering the exact spot that sells the item cheap, but there are also categories of stuff that’s the cheapest overall. Occasionally, you got to have a little bit of both.

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  • With the birth of online shopping, you might assume that there’s nothing you can’t just order online, but Japan still has many cool things that you can’t really buy unless you go there. Gift-giving is a big deal in Japan, so they’ve got an endless number of cute things that make perfect souvenirs. Whether it’s gadgets, games, gifts, ornaments, or just a real reminder of your trip, there are plenty of unique things you can get in Japan and Japan only. The best news is we’re not talking about cheap, kitschy things like fridge magnets either, but rather well-made, beautiful items that will make great gifts for others or yourself (and some things you can only get and enjoy while you’re there).

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