How Do You Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo?

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If you are fortunate enough to be landing at Haneda Airport, you might be wondering how to get to the heart of Tokyo from there! Since Haneda is already in Tokyo, you don’t have to worry about endless transportation options like at Narita Airport.

At Haneda Airport, there are limited, but easy ways to get to the city center of Tokyo. This includes trains, buses, and taxis. The most commonly used way is by train through the Keikyu Airport Line and Tokyo Monorail. There are also two more options if you don’t want to take the train. You can opt in for the Friendly Limousine Bus, or a taxi. Because the options are limited and easy to use, you definitely won’t feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Coming to Japan for the first time can be very overwhelming and stressful. However, learning and understanding how to get to your destination can elevate much of the stress! Below I will go into details about each service, nearby hotel options, and a few tips to help make your time here awesome!

How Do You Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo?

Train Lines

Keikyu Airport Line

410 yen, about 30 minutes of travel to Shinagawa Station

Keikyu Airport Line, or Keikyu Railway is the most common way to get from Haneda Airport to the center of Tokyo. If you need to get off at Shinagawa and transfer to the Yamanote Line, this is your train to take. The main stops of this train are Shinagawa, Asakusa, and ends at Aota Station. After you get done with customs inspection and enter the lobby, you will find the entrance and ticket machines to the right. 

When leaving from Haneda Airport, you will want to find platform No.2 and get on the train from there. This train can be distinguished by a blue and red line running vertically down the carts. Because this train starts at Haneda, it will likely not be busy if you are able to get on the train when it arrives. I’ve taken this train several times from Haneda and I really don’t have any complaints.

Tokyo Monorail

490 yen, about 20 minutes of travel to Hamamatsucho Station

The Tokyo Monorail is the second most common way to get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport. Originally built for the 1964 Olympics, the old Monorail now serves as an easy way to get people from Haneda to the center of Tokyo. The Monorail runs from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho Station where you can transfer to the JR Yamanote Line. You can catch the Monorail at any terminal. After you get done with customs inspection and enter the lobby, you will find the entrance and ticket machines to the left.

The Tokyo Monorail is bigger than the average train, so there is a lot of room for your suitcases and luggage. Because the Tokyo Monorail starts and serves Haneda Airport, it isn’t as busy as taking the train. The Monorail can be distinguished by it’s orange and blue stripes running vertically down the train carts. If you bought a prepaid Suica or Pasmo card, you can use it to pay for your fare for the Monorail. I’ve taken this way once and the views are pretty amazing! I definitely recommend this for a nice scenic introduction into Tokyo and the country. 

How Do You Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo?

Buses & Road Transportation

Friendly Airport Limousine Bus

3,100 yen for adults, 1,500 yen for children, 25 minutes of travel to Shinjuku Station

The Friendly Limousine Bus is a trusted company that has been servicing Haneda and Narita for awhile. Although I don’t recommend this bus for travel within Tokyo, I do recommend it if you are going somewhere beyond Tokyo such as a neighboring prefecture. If you are someone with less than a reasonable amount of luggage, and this bus stops at or near your hotel, I also recommend this as a valid way to travel since your luggage would be stored beneath the bus for the duration of the ride. This bus is a standard coach bus with comfortable seats, overhead storage, and free WiFi. Bus stops are located outside through the front door of the Arrival Lobby.

Using this bus is completely up to you. This is considered to be the second most expensive way to leave Haneda Airport. If it’s worth your money, go ahead and take it! You can book your tickets and view the bus schedules here at their official website.

How Do You Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo?

Standard Taxi 

3,850 yen to Shinagawa Station, 20 minutes of travel

Like the Limousine Bus, I definitely don’t recommend this as a way to travel unless you have some pretty deep pockets. The fare can increase dramatically up to 10000 yen (100 USD) depending on how far away from the airport you go. If your hotel is very close to the airport, and you find it not viable to take the train, then the taxi is probably the way to go. It’s also worth mentioning that taxis run all night, so if you get unlucky and land at Haneda during the night after the train and bus services are suspended, the taxi is the only choice you’ll have if you don’t want to spend the night at the airport. If you have a lot of luggage, keep in mind that standard taxis have average truck space unless you are able to get a taxi van. You can usually find taxis parked outside the front door.

How Do You Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo?

Transportation Hours

It is helpful to be aware that trains in Japan suspend their services after 12:30 AM. This includes the Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Line. You can still catch the last train at around 12:30 AM and ride until it reaches its last stop. If you arrive at Haneda during the night, keep a note of this for you don’t get stranded at a random station because services ended while going to your hotel.

The Limousine Bus provides late night departures from Haneda between the hours of 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM. The same fare applies as stated before but with no additional costs. You can find the official schedule here for night departures. 

Taxis run throughout the entire night. If you cannot get on a limousine bus, your last option would be to call for a taxi to get to your hotel. 

How Do You Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo?

Hotels At Haneda

To be safe, you might be interested in booking a hotel near Haneda airport. Because Haneda is really close to the heart of Tokyo, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. The airport terminals are open 24/7, so if you are a budget traveler, you could save by spending your first and last night at the terminal and staying at a nearby hotel during the larger portion of your trip at one of the three hotels within the airport.

  • Royal Park Hotel The Haneda (International Terminal)
  • Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu (Domestic Terminal 2)
  • First Cabin Tokyo Haneda (Domestic Terminal 1)

You can find several hotels surrounding the airport. These hotels provide free shuttle buses between the hours of 4:00 AM – Midnight, and are near the Otorii and Anamori-Inari Stations which are part of the Keikyu Line.

  • Keikyu EX Inn Haneda Airport
  • Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo 
  • Toyoko Inn Haneda Kuko Number 1 
  • Toyoko Inn Haneda Kuko Number 2 
  • Hotel MyStays Haneda 
  • Haneda Inn
How Do You Get From Haneda Airport To Tokyo?

The Luxury of Convenience

I’m no expert, but I’ve flown into Haneda a couple of times. Honestly, it’s a blessing to be able to get a flight that lands there. Especially at a low price. Haneda Airport does not accept as many international flights as Narita does, so the price per ticket can cost a bit more. I highly recommend getting a flight that lands in Haneda for people who are new to the country and are visiting Tokyo for the first time. The convenience of already being so close to the airport is fantastic, and the cheap train fares, supreme. I hope that you found this guide helpful for your future journey to Japan!

I’ve written another article about How to Get to Tokyo From Narita. If you are interested in flying into Narita, or already have a flight booked, please give that a read by clicking here!

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