Anyone who knows me knows that I’m deeply in love with spring in Japan. Heck, it’s arguably the most anticipated season in the country – not too hot nor too cold; it’s just right. The season is welcomed and celebrated by locals with tons of activities, and tourists from all around the world travel to The Land of the Rising Sun just to witness the breathtaking sights – cherry blossom, anyone? – that come about with the warm yet cooling Japanese spring.

With all that buzz and excitement, don’t you want to look amazing while at it? The locals can agree that not only is the weather perfect for fashionistas, but the spring sceneries make great backdrops for every “outfit of the day” picture. As the cherry trees bloom, so does the local fashion scene – from neutral winter nudes to popping spring patterns and prints.

Oh, and I don’t just mean Tokyo – the rest of the country maintains just as high of a standard too, especially during spring.

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