13 Unforgettable Sushi Restaurants In Ginza

13 Unforgettable Sushi Restaurants In Ginza

Want to eat sushi in the same chair as President Barack Obama? What about David Beckham or Hugh Jackman? Then head to Ginza. With this guide, you can discover the 13 best sushi restaurants in Ginza and then immediately book a table. Then all you have to worry about is taking your appetite.

What Can You Do In Ginza?

What Can You Do In Ginza?

This guide covers those can’t-miss parts of the Ginza district, covering upscale shopping, dining, and sightseeing. Whether you’re spending a day in Ginza or a week, try to work some of these attractions into your schedule. First, let’s cover some general Ginza info, then we’ll dive into the list.

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