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Christian Monson

The History Of Traditional Japanese Clothing — From Kimonos To Fashion Staples

The rich culture of Japan is woven into their clothing. Both the past and present of Japanese fashion tell the story of a society with deeply rooted traditions that nevertheless continues to innovate, create and lead the world. Take a look at Japanese clothing through the ages to see what has changed since the ancient beginnings of the nation—and what’s stayed the same.

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Azra Syakirah

Why Do Japanese Wear Kimonos? — A Look At Japan’s Traditional Dress

The word “kimono” has been thrown around as casually and as often a word can be, but do people actually know what it is? It’s quite obvious to everyone that this form of clothing belongs to the Japanese but it’s not just a fashion style — the kimono has quite a culturally rich history with significance to the wearer. It’s also a huge category with not only one type of kimono but numerous types for various occasions. With the untrained, naked eyes, you can’t imagine how a single bolt of cloth can differ from one another.

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