Are There Homeless In Japan?

Are There Homeless In Japan?

Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, you’ll undoubtedly take note of the differences between Japan and your own home country, whether they be positive or negative. Something that many people notice is the lack of homeless people and panhandlers in Japan’s major cities.

Why Does Japan Have Tsunamis?

Why Does Japan Have Tsunamis?

Read on to find out the reasons for the periodic risks and occurrences of a tsunami in Japan — as well as what to do if you happen to be in a situation of tsunami risk, regardless of whether you’re in Japan or not.

Can You Smoke In Japan?

Can You Smoke In Japan?

As long as you stick to some basic rules of etiquette and don’t act entitled to light a cigarette wherever you go, you’ll do just fine. Here’s a quick overview of where you can buy cigarettes in Japan, where you’re allowed to smoke, and where you need to exercise some caution.

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