The Best Souvenirs and Food at Nakamise Dori

by Christian Monson


Chopsticks and Japanese cuisine go hand in hand. Maybe you went to Japan specifically because you love the food, or maybe you went for other reasons and have come to love it. Either way, chances are you’re going to want to bring the nation’s culinary mastery home with you. That means your own pair of chopsticks.

While you’re probably used to the disposable wooden chopsticks at Western restaurants or at best the plain washable plastic ones, Japan takes it to another level. The name for a chopstick maker is morita, and he takes his craft very seriously.

A personal chopstick set is a beautiful souvenir and one of the things most reminiscent of Japan that you’ll find on Nakamise Dori. Many morita will even write your name on the chopsticks for a small fee. 

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