The Best Souvenirs and Food at Nakamise Dori

by Christian Monson

Nakamise Dori Overview

Nakamise Dori is a 250-meter pedestrian shopping street located in the Asakusa district of Taito, Tokyo, Japan. It leads into the Senso-ji temple complex, one of the largest and most famous in all of Japan. Because the temple and surrounding grounds are all so popular, a large crowd forms in a kind of line to enter. Nakamise Dori is filled with shops that serve these crowds while they wait to enter the temple grounds.

A lot of these shops sell food. Whether you’re going to Senso-ji during the cold Japanese winter and need something to warm you up, or you’re there during the hot Tokyo summer and need something refreshing, Nakamise Dori keeps you comfortable.

It’s more than food, though. Nakamise Dori features some 89 shops, many dedicated to traditional Japanese crafts like woodblock printing and chopstick making. Not only are these shops fun to look through and browse while you make your way to Senso-ji, but they sell these items as high-quality souvenirs that let you remember your time in Japan with a sophisticated touch.

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