The Best Souvenirs and Food at Nakamise Dori

by Christian Monson

Where to Go After Nakamise Dori

Asakusa is one of the most popular and sight-filled districts in Tokyo. Don’t limit yourself to Nakamise Dori, which, although full of shops, shouldn’t take you too long to complete. Once you come out the other end, there’s so much more to see and do.

Senso-ji Temple

If you’re visiting Nakamise Dori, you probably already know about and have plans to visit Senso-ji, the ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. With over 30 million yearly visitors, it’s the most visited spiritual site in the world.

Well, it’ll be pretty hard to miss Senso-ji because Nakamise Dori spits you right out at the Hozomon Gate, and you have to pass the Kaminarimon gate just to enter. Be sure you take it all in. That means checking out more than the main hall, but also the five-story pagoda, the Denboin garden and the smaller Asakusa Shinto shrine. 

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