The Best Souvenirs and Food at Nakamise Dori

by Christian Monson

How to Get to Nakamise Dori

One nice thing about Nakamise Dori is that it’s incredibly easy to get to. It’s just two minutes and about three blocks from Asakusa Station. This is a station accessible by the various private metro lines in Tokyo: Tobu Railway, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. It’s a major stop on the Ginza line.

If you have the JR Pass, these private metro lines are unfortunately not covered. However, to get as close as possible, you can take the JR Yamanote line to Ueno Station. From there you can connect to the Ginza line, and it’s just an eight-minute ride to Asakusa Station. If you’re in good shape and don’t feel like paying for the private metro, it’s a little over a mile walk, around 25 minutes.

These are the easiest ways, but you can also get creative. Specifically, you can get around Asakusa in go-karts or rickshaws. Go-kart tours are very popular in the area. A guide will take you around in a group of go-karts, showing you all the sights in style. Rickshaws depart from Asakusa Station and will take you anywhere you want to go in traditional Edo fashion. 

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