The Best Souvenirs and Food at Nakamise Dori

by Christian Monson

Tabi Socks

Tabi socks are socks designed for zori. That means they have a big toe separate from the rest of the sock. Of course, that means if you buy any zori, you’ll need tabi socks to go with them. Regular socks won’t work, or they will be uncomfortable at least.

However, practicality isn’t the main reason to buy tabi socks on Nakamise Dori. In fact, you don’t even need to have zori at all. It’s the many elaborate and colorful designs that’ll convince you. These could be scenes from traditional Japanese art or characters from Japanese otaku culture as well as many more.

Regardless of the design you get, tabi socks are a comfortable addition to your wardrobe. I know I personally love the soft feeling of the cloth between my toes. You’ll enjoy wearing them with any kind of shoes, not just zori.

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