What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

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What do you think of when you think of Tokyo? Gleaming skyscrapers backdropped by a snow-capped Mt. Fuji? That image is actually the Shinjuku skyline, and many of those high-rises are world-class hotels.

With so many impressive options, finding the right hotel in Shinjuku means narrowing down what you want. Whether it’s luxury, a low price, or traditional Japanese lodging, an incredible hospitality experience is waiting for you. These eight hotels specifically have something to offer anyone staying in the area.

These hotels cover a wide range of options, so first read about the Shinjuku ward to figure out exactly what your needs are. One of our hotels will fit the bill.

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

Shinjuku Overview

Shinjuku is a special ward in Tokyo. It’s one of the city’s most important districts and has been since the early part of the Edo Period. The construction of Edo Castle’s moat caused many temples and shrines to move to the area. This resulted in it becoming an important stop on the Kōshū Kaidō highway of the time that connected much of Japan. In fact, the name shin juku literally means “new station.”

These days Shinjuku is arguably the most recognizable part of Tokyo since it’s one of the few areas that features skyscrapers. That’s because, after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, Shinjuku was one of the few parts of the cities that withstood the devastation and proved to be relatively stable for foundations. 

Shinjuku is an economic hub for Tokyo and the international community. Shinjuku Station is the busiest train station in the entire world, and many companies have their headquarters or international offices closeby. Recently, the Tokyo government also moved its headquarters, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, a popular tourist sight, to Shinjuku.

Most business travelers to Tokyo will find themselves spending their time in Shinjuku, so staying there is convenient. Additionally, the ward is full of sights and is a major transportation hub to other parts of Tokyo and Japan, which makes it ideal for tourists and backpackers as well. 

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

Things to Consider When Choosing a Shinjuku Hotel

1. Location and Access

Shinjuku houses Shinjuku Station, the busiest train station in the world that connects numerous lines throughout Tokyo and Japan. For this reason, many people choose to pick a hotel in Shinjuku because it will give them easy access to transportation.

If you’re staying in Shinjuku to be in a central location, it doesn’t make sense to stay at a hotel with poor access to Shinjuku Station, other metro lines, or parking, depending on how you’re getting around. Consider where you’re going to be going in Tokyo and Japan in general and think about mapping out your routes. That way you can see which Shinjuku hotels will be the most convenient and accessible. Once you’re there, a good concierge can help you even further by giving you tips and directions.

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

2. Price

Tokyo is one of the world’s most important cities, and Shinjuku is one of its most important districts for business and travel. As a result, the price tags on accommodations can sometimes be intimidating, to say the least. Don’t worry, even though the luxury high-rises may dominate the search results, there’s still plenty of affordable lodging to be found in Shinjuku. In fact, finding rooms for under ¥10,000 (around $100) per night is perfectly doable.

Of course, you can also find suites approaching ¥400,000 (around $4,000) per night. That’s the range you have to choose from. To make it easier for you, this article classifies hotels from ¥ to ¥¥¥¥, with ¥ generally representing your options under ¥10,000/night.

Any hotel on our list makes for a great stay, but as with anything, you get what you pay for. In a crowded area like Shinjuku, it’s usually facilities that come into play with the price. Budget hotels tend to do away with amenities like pools, fitness centers, or lounges. As you add ¥, you’ll begin to get these facilities, surrounding gardens, more restaurant options, etc. Once you reach the ¥¥¥¥ peak of Shinjuku luxury, you can find rooftop bars, stunning views, and gourmet boutiques.

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

3. Services and Amenities

When you pay for a hotel, it isn’t just the bed. It’s hospitality and service. You should first make sure the hotel you’re staying at offers services worthy of the price. Second, take advantage of them.

Your hotel should at least offer some kind of concierge service, even if that’s just the staff on duty being available to give tips. Good concierge service includes calling to make reservations, which is especially useful if you don’t speak Japanese. They can also get you tickets and call cabs. Most importantly, use them to find the hidden gems and sights off the beaten path that make a trip unforgettable.

In addition to concierge service, pay attention to other amenities like room service, laundry services, and shuttles. Large hotels may even have business services. On top of the business center, they may have tips on Japanese business customs

Finally, don’t forget the small things. Most hotels will provide you with toiletries you may have forgotten like a toothbrush or razor, and most have free wifi. Better hotels may even have other items available like irons or even a smartphone to use in the room. 

Garden @ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

8 Best Hotels in Shinjuku

1. Hotel Chinzanso (¥¥¥)


  • Antique style
  • Nine restaurants
  • Many facilities and amenities
  • Gardens


  • Location

Consider Chinzanso your place in Shinjuku for Western-Japanese fusion. You can experience the touches of sophisticated Japanese culture while still enjoying the Western-style comforts you’re used to. Specifically, the hotel is decorated in the Belle Epoque European style.

In general, the Chinzanso is a great value. It’s a luxury hotel with large rooms and comfortable amenities, but it’s on the lower end of this price range. Part of this is its location. It’s located in Bunkyu-ku on the northeast edge of Shinjuku. For business travelers, this may be inconvenient. However, for vacationers, it’s a great way to have access to Shinjuku while avoiding the bustle and crowds.

Plus, for those looking for a more relaxing stay, Chinzanso offers a natural beauty that’s hard to match. The hotel is located within an expansive garden that includes waterfalls, pagodas, and cherry blossoms in the spring season. Many rooms even have spectacular views of the scenery.

As far as amenities, Chinzanso offers nine different restaurants, a spa, and further facilities like a chapel and ballrooms. For dining, you can choose from a wide variety of cuisines including Italian, casual, and a range of Japanese styles. 

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

2. Keio Plaza Hotel (¥¥¥)


  • Famous landmark
  • Western and Japanese rooms
  • In-hotel experiences
  • Disneyland shuttle
  • Creative dining options

You may recognize the Keio Plaza Hotel from the 80s Godzilla movies in which it was regularly—but fictitiously—destroyed. It’s also famous for being the first high-rise hotel in Japan and the tallest building in Tokyo from 1970-1974. If all that doesn’t sell you, it also hosts the annual Miss Nippon contest. Needless to say, it’s a renowned location full of culture and style.

Keio Plaza is located right in the heart of Shinjuku and is a well-known landmark. Nevertheless, luxury and elegance are available at a relatively low price. Rooms start as low as ¥21,250 per night.

Keio is a great place to go for a Japanese hospitality experience with easy access to everything Shinjuku and Tokyo have to offer. You can choose from a number of authentic Japanese experiences including a tea ceremony and the opportunity to wear a yukata kimono for a day. In fact, if you’re interested in getting married in Japan, Keio Plaza can provide you with a genuine Japanese wedding kimono experience.

The dining is a Japanese experience in and of itself. On top of traditional Japanese options, many of the hotel’s bars and restaurants provide stunning views of the Tokyo skyline. You can also reserve a candlelight dinner with a projection mapping show provided by the NAKED company.

The accommodations match the rest of the hotel in quality. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, available in a range of styles from two- and four-bedrooms to premier suites including some in the ryokan style for a more Japanese experience. 

Keio Plaza is conveniently located at just a seven-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Facilities include a business center, fitness center, and pool. For added hospitality, the hotel provides a shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland, which is a great option for families splitting their time between the park and central Tokyo.

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

3. Mitsui Garden Hotel (¥¥)


  • Gardens
  • Expert concierge service
  • Value


  • Few dining options

As you can probably guess, Mitsui’s main attraction is its garden environment. The hotel claims a stay with them will feel “as if you were staying at a mountain lodge.” Considering it’s located right in one of Tokyo’s busiest neighborhoods, this is quite a feat.

Mitsui Garden Hotel boasts a luxury atmosphere at a great rate. Impressively, you can get a room starting as low as ¥13,010, not just an amazing value for the quality, but simply for staying in Tokyo in general.

Facilities include everything you could ask for, including a fitness center, a large public bath, even a bakery. The Bar E’Volta is the hotel’s main restaurant. Located on the first floor, it serves Italian-Japanese fusion dishes in a terrace-like setting. The restaurant uses a wood-fired kiln to produce authentic dishes complimented by freshly baked items from their own bakery.

Perhaps the biggest bonus of a stay at Mitsui is the high-class concierge service. The expert staff can help you explore the Shinjuku neighborhood or Tokyo in general with tips and sightseeing ideas. They can make your trip easier and more relaxed, so you have more time to enjoy the city.

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

4. Miyabiyado Takemine (¥)


  • Authentic Japanese ryokan design
  • Complimentary smartphone in room
  • Price


  • Few rooms
  • No kids

Miyabiyado Takemine is a small hotel ideal for couples wanting a new and exciting experience. It fuses the design of a Japanese ryokan with a standard, modern hotel. Ryokan’s are traditional Japanese inns with tatami-matted rooms and furniture on the floor. In the past, they usually had communal baths.

In Miyabiyado Takemine, there are a total of 20 rooms. 15 of these are suites including a bedroom and living room, while the other five are single rooms. All of these feature a charming tea-house aesthetic with beautiful wood designs and plant-based decorations. The larger suites can accommodate up to four guests.

Miyabiyado Takemine is a small hotel and doesn’t have a restaurant, but they do provide room service for all three meals. Additionally, amenities include a “relaxation room” with comfortable couches, low lighting, and a wide selection of books. They also provide each room with an Android smartphone to use for the internet and directions free of charge. They reset it after each stay for extra security.

This hotel is a quaint option that’s different from the large luxury high-rises you’re likely to find in Shinjuku. Just keep in mind that Miyabiyado isn’t for families. In fact, guests under 18 aren’t allowed. Instead, the hotel is ideal for couples or solo travelers as they make their way through Tokyo and Japan.

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

5. Shinjuku Prince Hotel (¥¥)


  • Many room options
  • 24-hour tourist info


  • Small rooms

The Shinjuku Prince offers a lot of variety so you can find the room that’s just right for your needs. That could be a small but economical single room or a spacious deluxe twin room to fit the family. Either way, you’ll find high-quality hospitality, great views, and excellent value all just five minutes from Shinjuku Station.

The Prince Hotel offers all the amenities you’d expect from a major hotel chain and more. Along with services like newspaper and ice delivery service, they offer in-room massages and extensive concierge service.  For example, there is both a tourist information center and an information desk to get information about the neighborhood and sights or to make restaurant and tour reservations. The tourist information center is even open 24 hours.

For anyone interested in urban dining, the Prince Hotel restaurant options are definitely worth looking into. There is the Japanese Dining and Bar FUGA, which, located on the 25th floor, provides breathtaking views of the city. Meanwhile, the Buffet Prince Marché offers quick dining with live cooking for your entertainment. Finally, the Station Cafe and Bar has a relaxed atmosphere for eating pub food while watching the game after a day exploring Tokyo.

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

6. Shinjuku Granbell Hotel (¥)


  • Many room options
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Easy access


  • Small rooms

The Shinjuku Granbell is another hotel offering many different rooms, specials, and plans. You can get a small, single room with no amenities for a low rate or you can go with a suite with breakfast and club lounge access.

Speaking of the club lounge, this benefit for those staying in the executive and suite rooms that provide special services to clients including a concierge and free food and drink. Even if you’re not an executive or suite customer, you can still go to the rooftop bar and terrace on the 13th floor. It’s hard to find rooftop bars in Japan, so take advantage of this one and soak in the amazing views of Tokyo.

There’s also a full restaurant located just below on the 12th floor. Although not on the roof, it has beautiful views as well, day and night, and serves French and Italian cuisine. If you want to avoid the full dining experience and just grab a coffee, there’s a cafe on the first floor with coffee, alcohol, and a small food selection.

While the Granbell is an urban hotel typical of Tokyo’s crowded metro area and doesn’t have facilities like a fitness center or pool, it does feature a small art gallery so you can continue to enjoy Tokyo culture even in the hotel.

At just four minutes from Shinjuku Station, the Grandbell is one of the most accessible hotels in Shinjuku. With the JR lines, you have easy access to all the Tokyo sights and neighborhoods. 

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

7. Park Hyatt (¥¥¥¥)


  • Incredible views
  • Luxury suites
  • Many restaurant options
  • Unbeatable service


  • Very pricey

The Park Hyatt in Shinjuku is a luxury hotel that carries a hefty price tag, but you certainly get what you pay for. With beautiful, comfortable rooms, all the facilities with breathtaking views of the city, and a number of restaurants offering delectable cuisine, you could spend an entire vacation just in this hotel.

If you book at the Park Hyatt, it may look familiar. That’s because it’s the hotel from the popular Bill Murray film Lost in Translation, and many of the restaurants and lounges were featured in the movie. Specifically, your dining options include the New York Grill with amazing views of the city you won’t find anywhere else and the renowned Kozue restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine with a view of Mt. Fuji. 

Then there’s the Griandole, a relaxed dining spot with the atmosphere of a European cafe. In fact, it’s decorated in a collage of photographs of European cafe life. The New York Bar is a major Tokyo go-to for live music, and there are live jazz performances every night. To complement the music, the bar serves a wide variety of cocktails and wines including the largest selection of American wines in Japan.

We’re still not done. The 41st floor also hosts the Peak Bar, which looks out over the city from a bamboo garden lit by washi paper lanterns. The Peak Lounge is also on the 41st floor and features a skylit bamboo garden with desserts, light cuisine, and English afternoon tea. Finally, the pastry boutique and delicatessen on the second floor sell luxury foods. 

Facilities include a pool and spa with floor-to-ceiling windows giving panoramic vistas of Tokyo and Mt. Fuji, a business center that can help with everything from international phone service to advice on Japanese business customs, and a large fitness center with a wide variety of equipment and classes.

Go for a basic king-bed room for around ¥48,000 a night and enjoy Egyptian cotton linens with a walk-in closet and deep soaking tub, or go all in and stay in the Deluxe Suite King for about ¥383,000 per night and enjoy a premium floor plan with your very own grand piano. Either way, this will be a stay you’ll never forget.


8. Gracery Hotel Shinjuku (¥)


  • Many room options
  • Easy access
  • Godzilla room


  • Small rooms
  • Minimal facilities

The Gracery Hotel is located just a few blocks from Seibu-Shinjuku Station as well as sights like the Samurai Museum and Okubo Park. That’s just the start of the convenience. The Gracery also has a wide variety of rooms that fit any budget or situation. Standard rooms are economical and feature a single bed, or you can go all the way up to a Standard Triple with three beds and more floor space. If that’s all too boring for you, you can also opt for the Godzilla View Room that has an angry Godzilla peering through the window.

As for dining, there are two options. The Bonsalute Kabuki serves Italian food and has an in-house pizza oven. The Cafe Terrace Bonjour, meanwhile, is a low-lit lounge with an attached terrace that serves the breakfast buffet as well as cafe food all day long.

While the Gracery is an economical hotel with few facilities, you can be sure you’re receiving the best of service. Accommodations are comfortable and come with free wifi and a Panasonic air-e ion generator to keep your room fresh. 

What Are The Best Hotels In Shinjuku? — A Guide For Value And Luxury Stays

Take advantage of Shinjuku!

A last word of advice, use Shinjuku’s role as a transit and economic hub to your advantage. If you’re staying in Shinjuku for vacation, get out and explore. Use Shinjuku Station to move easily around the city. Don’t forget to use your hotel’s concierge service to give you tips and advice for getting around, too. 

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