Lost in Translation: Uncovering the Dynamics of Ghosting in Japan

Ghosting is a very common thing to go through in modern dating. It is especially common in Japan, where they have a very indirect communication style as they're non-confrontational.

Lost in Translation: Uncovering the Dynamics of Ghosting in Japan

I don’t do online dating, so I’ve never had a woman “ghost” me like most of you have. Usually, women ghost you because you give off rape-vibes and can’t shut up about your love of anime vampire girls who occupy the body of a 12 year old. Japanese women are no different, and ghosting is very common in Japan.

If you get ghosted, don’t sweat it. As it is common in Japan, you’ll be ghosted at least several times in your dating life while in their country. Granted I’ve never been ghosted (I’m a 6’7 millionaire with a dick the size of a redwood), but I’m sure that if I was ghosted I wouldn’t care since I have constant women wanting to please me.

What is ghosting?

And do I need to worry about ghost goo?

Ghosting is when you take a girl out, make her split the bill, creep her out, and then she abruptly stops texting you back. Typically this happens when the girl feels unsafe in your presence, and also thinks if she rejects you over text message that you’ll track her down and lock her in your fetish dungeon.

Yeah, you’ll be “hurt” by being ghosted - but you probably deserve it. If a woman likes you, she’ll never stop talking to you. Getting dry texts means a dry twat - so your chances of being ghosted go up tenfold when you’re a boring loser who can’t carry a conversation.

A lot of redditors will claim that people ghost because they’re afraid of a relationship. Most of the time they’re just afraid of you. Think about it like this. Women ghost when they’re afraid you’re going to rape and murder them. Men ghost when they’re afraid the woman suffers from BPD and is going to accuse them of molesting children.

Since sexual assault rates are super high in Japan (don’t believe all the stats you see, it’s under-reported) Japanese women are more likely to ghost than other women. Nothing makes a Japanese girl want to run for the hills when you start trying to grope them on the train.

How often do Japanese people Ghost?

Be scared.

Going off numbers found from dating websites, it’s very common for young people to ghost. It ranges from 84% to 90% of people saying they’ve either ghosted or been ghosted by potential partners. That basically means that about 80% of the people out there are freaks and causing other people to get bad vibes from them.

It’s the same pretty much all around the world. “Gen Z” ghosts the most, while older generations ghost the least. A website written by retards pulled the number “50%” out of their ass - which goes against all actual dating data which shows it’s well above 80%. 

Since the Japanese are so non-confrontational and suffer from severe issues about letting "people down", the number is probably actually closer to 100%. A lot of women will ghost you, and most Asian men will ghost white women because they don't know how to dress.

The amount of ghosting does not change based on the country. It is HOW they ghost which changes. That’s the major difference between the United States (where ghosting is abrupt) and Japan (where it is not).

Non-Confrontational Ghosting

Beta Mentality

The last time the Japanese were confrontational, their entire country was taken over by crayon-eating glue-sniffing American marines. They’ve become used to being beta male degenerates who are scared of confrontation. This manifests itself in their dating life, since nobody can say “Thank you for going on a date, but I just don’t feel we had a strong connection.”

Instead, they’ll actually string you along. After a long hard day of raiding shinto shrines, I came back to my hotel where a despondent young man was seated. I met him a couple times, and he never impressed me (that’s why I don’t remember his name). He told me that he’s been texting this Japanese girl and that they went out on a date, but that she’s been pushing off the second date constantly.

When I asked him for his phone, he showed me that he’d be sending her MASSIVE paragraph texts and she’d respond with one word answers. I told him “This girl is not interested in you, stop embarrassing yourself.” And he didn’t believe me. “Well, she keeps pushing our second date forward. So she must just be busy.”

That’s how delusional men are. Women are too - but they’re delusional that I want to date them (as if). I had to explain to him this very important thing.


She didn’t feel the “connection” on your date, but she isn’t going to say this. First of all, you’re a foreigner in their country and you smell like a sewer-troll. Japanese people hate how white people smell and you need to take extra care of yourself. So she probably gagged when she could smell your ejaculate covered pubes from across the room.

So, the Japanese “ghost” by constantly pushing plans forward and sending one word replies. That’s how they do it. Eventually they will stop responding, but it takes them a long time too because of their “culture” and the fact that they’re afraid you’re going to shoot one of them (especially if you’re black).

Japanese Culture

In Japan, a lot of things are “unspoken”. They don’t want to have to explain to a socially autistic weirdo that it’s a social rule that you don’t badger people constantly for attention when they’re responding one time during the day. Have you ever heard of kuuki yomenai (KY)? That means you can’t read the room. I definitely know a lot of people from the west cannot read a room. They’re loud, obnoxious, and stinky. 

What Makes Someone Creepy?

It’s really tough to read a room when you have autism. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you might have severe mental disorders causing you to not understand certain things. However at the same time, Japan might have “unspoken rules” but you can pretty much look anything up and understand what you’re supposed to do in Japan.

Due to the Japanese being non-confrontational, it’s actually expected for them to ghost you. You need to “read the room” (in this case, read between the lines) and understand that if a person reschedules the next date six different times they do not want to see you.

Another thing is that in Japan, people usually do not stay in touch with their exes out of fear that evil spirits will inhabit their bodies and bring bad luck. I’m not kidding by the way - the Japanese believe that brooms and shovels are haunted. (Stop believing that Japan is a sophisticated country, it’s basically rural China outside of Tokyo).

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On reddit, it seems like this person is still feeling raw after being ghosted by a girl two years ago. He tries to subtly claim that he is suffering from PTSD by saying he “wakes up everyday at 4 am”. Get a grip. You guys need to seriously expect everyone to like you. 

Disney adults who are nothing more than pedophiles in disguise are the worst - and that pretty much sums up anyone who doesn’t understand KY. 

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How to Prevent Ghosting

I think a lot of people who are inexperienced with romance build an “idea” of a person in their head. You dream up the future of the person and run with that image. Really, you should try to take things slow. It isn’t so much “How do I prevent being ghosted” (since you can’t MAKE people like you stop trying to be a disney prince or princess), and more of a “How do I learn to not care?”

For you it might be hard to get into a relationship (unless you’ve read my guide), so you actually CREATE relationships with people in your head even if you’ve only met them once (or exclusively text with them). Due to that, when they “no longer show interest” you get upset.

You need CONFIDENCE and to MAN UP. Lots of people out there won’t like you for arbitrary reasons. For you, you may need to find somebody who loves your rancid body odor and misogyny. 

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I also think you need to stop chasing “the golden snatch”, because a relationship is a two way street. If a girl ghosts you, who the fuck cares? Or if a guy ghosts you (stop putting out so easily) - it doesn’t really matter.

You cannot prevent ghosting in Japan. Don’t try to. Stop trying to make people like you. Be who you are. It’s like that old cliche, “If you haven’t made enemies, you haven’t lived.” Being a people pleaser comes with great disappointment. 

A good way to avoid “ghosting” is to understand that if the date doesn’t go “well” then you should move on by yourself. Don’t settle for people who don’t care about you. All of this stems from your lack of self esteem and crippling anxiety. Go take drugs to fix your messed up mind.

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Stop being a pussy and go out and date people. Don’t worry about being rejected, or ghosted. In Japan it will happen a lot - especially since they claim white people smell like milk and eggs when we go there. Black people of course just smell bad in general, so you’ll also face rejection. For women you’ll also be rejected and ghosted - but don’t worry.