Tall Tales and Short Truths: Debunking Myths about Height in Japan

Japan has a very short population, which has contributed to the rise in interest of their nation from short manlets in America and Canada. Is 5'8 really that tall in Japan?

Tall Tales and Short Truths: Debunking Myths about Height in Japan

When you first arrive in Japan, you’ll realize very quickly that all Japanese people are midgets. That’s why I love going there. I dominate everyone with my physique. I’m 6’8 and 300 pounds of muscle. That’s why when Japanese women see me, their panties flood faster than when the tsunami flooded Tohoku in 2011. I know most of you reading this are little manlets who are under 5’8, but as long as you’re over 5’2 you’ll pretty much be taller than all the Japanese people.

As we all know, women LOVE tall guys. You can be abusive, beat their faces in, and demand they snowball you - and they’ll still keep crawling back because you’re tall. Over in North America, you run into an issue that you really need to be above 6’0 to be considered “tall”, and most of you are race-mixed mongrels who stand at around 5’7. That’s why you MUST go to Japan to find a woman.

What is the average height in Japan for a Man?

They don't play basketball, that's for damn sure.

A bunch of Redditors are trying to prevent you from heightmaxxing in Japan, so they claim the average man in Japan is 5’7 to 5’8. In actuality, most Japanese men are 172 cm - or about 5’6. Just to let you know, that’s the average height for most white women. So if you want to dominate a little Japanese boy and castrate him for your own pleasure, it’s very much doable in Japan.

If you are a white man and not over six feet tall, you’re pretty much a genetic loser who should go take experimental drugs in Montenegro to expand your height. Most of you looking up this article are doing so because you’re incredibly ashamed and embarrassed at your lack of height (i.e - small penis size) - so you look to the “smaller nations” to colonize them with your “giant” seed.

When I walk around in Tokyo, I’m basically a giant. A lot of “funny” Japanese guys will point at me and yell Godzilla. I’ve heard it so much. Their own subconscious is revealing how inadequate these little guys feel when around a big strong man like me. That’s why they point me out to their girlfriends - essentially they are imagining big strong white men with their women.

Not only are these Japanese guys really short, they’re also incredibly thin. These guys are 132 pounds and 5’6. You punch one of these guys one time and they explode into a cloud of red mist. It’s actually kind of freaky - They’re like praying mantis people.

What is the average height in Japan for a Woman?

They're submissive and ready to be thrown around.

Women who are not “tiny” are practically men, and looking at tall women or bigger women makes you a massive queer. This is another big reason to go to Japan. If you really want to show a woman you’re in control, throw her through your expensive $5000 glass table. Not only will she realize you can physically dominate her, but you also are rich.

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For women in Japan, the average height is only 5’2. Think about that. The average woman in Canada and America is 5’4, but they seem a lot bigger because most of them look like they could be an intergalactic warlord who comes to enslave all the petite women on Earth. Those two inches should NOT add 100 pounds on a woman.

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There is no such thing as a “short king”. If your girl knows that at any moment a big man can come along and dominate you, you’ll always be seen as a bitch. Women have the same mentality as dogs. They’re always looking to see who can dominate who. Most likely you cannot dominate anyone in a social setting (you’re autistic), you’re not strong (you’re lazy and don’t want to lift weights), you’re not intelligent (you’re reading JapanJunky), so the only thing you can hope for is dominating people with your physicality. You won’t be able to do that in any Western nation.

Do Japanese Women like taller Guys?

No, women prefer midgets.

NEWSFLASH! All women love taller guys. That’s why you see so many beautiful women with dog-faced men who are tall. Plus being tall gives you a big confidence boost. Anytime you see a short guy with confidence, you immediately think it’s fake. “Oh yeah, here comes the little chihuahua“. 

Women love taller people because they’re all brainwashed by the CIA. Even Japanese women are not free from brainwashing. Have you ever noticed their eyes always look like the eyes of a giant human bug? That’s because they’ve been drinking so much nuclear-polluted water that they’ve gotten brain rot.

You can tell that Japanese women love taller guys because so many of them come onto foreigners hard in Japan. You’ll get off the plane and the next thing you know this Japanese girl is trying to finger your ass in a robot-owned cafe. Almost all interracial relationships are WHITE MAN - YELLOW WOMAN. 

You will RARELY find a white woman with a yellow man. The only time white women get with Asian guys is when they don’t have dads. That’s a lot of women out there, but this is a special kind of woman who has a mix of autism and BPD. They love K-Dramas and get confused if somebody is Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Basically, they’re at the bottom of the genetic pool for white people.

Why are Japanese people so short?

Hint: It isn't radiation mutations.

There are a lot of reasons why the Japanese got the short end of the genetic ticket for height. Firstly, in order to be tall you must drink a lot of milk. Only white people drink milk (nobody else is allowed), so we became taller. Japanese people also have a crazy bad diet. They mainly eat vegetables and ALWAYS consume RAW FISH! 

Meat was banned in Japan 1600 years ago, and the ban was lifted relatively recently in the 19th century. With a lack of meat and milk, the Japanese people became incredibly frail and tiny. When with industrialization, their country became polluted and caused even more stunted growth.

They’ve started to get taller after consuming meat, but other Asian countries have begun to outpace them heavily. That’s why I worry that China will totally kick their ass in WW3. Most Chinese people are super-enhanced via genetic engineering, whereas the Japanese are still content eating kelp and smoking six packs of cigarettes a day.

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It all comes down to genetics and eating habits. On paper what the Japanese people at is “healthy” because they live so long, but it seems that they’re very frail and small. I don’t know - I think it’s doing a massive disservice to the future Japanese kids who are cursed with being short forever. 

Will people comment on my height in Japan?

Dude, stop it with the anxiety. You're a basketcase.

Japanese people will definitely take notice of your height, as I mentioned earlier. Basically, you’re most likely going to stick out like a sore thumb. Public transit is also made with the idea that most people are going to be under six feet, which means that you’ll probably end up with a stiff neck in Japan.

Have you ever seen the Lord of the Rings movies? You know the hobbit holes? Basically, the Japanese live in that, but a concrete version. Now imagine if the hobbits conducted human experiments, and were also massive sex degenerates. Actually, I guess they were (Sam sucking Frodo’s feet).

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You may hear things like -  “You are Godzilla” or “お前は背の高い悪魔だ、俺の店から出て行け!” But don’t let that hurt your feelings. They’re really being super nice and friendly to you. They want you to plant your seed into their daughters - because they want their grandchildren to grow up tall and RICH.

Japanese people aren’t as rude as Chinese people, so they won’t be super aggressive towards you based on your physical features (unless you’re a fat ass), so you can kind of rest easy. There is a growing number of “Japanese incels” who are very upset that their women are dating white men, and those guys might comment on things to you in public. Don’t worry though, just hold their head down on the train track and watch them explode when a Shinkansen bullet train rips him in half.

Most of them are those weak men who refuse to confront people about things. Instead, they’ll just say snarky comments. Anytime a man says something “snarky” (a thing only women should do), you should murder him with an ax and dump his body into the Sumida.

I can’t stand snarky little “chud boys” who use implied innuendos to get their point across. As somebody who has killed before (and will kill again), those men do not last near me. I usually turn them inside out and wear them on my arm like a sock puppet.

At the end of the day, if you’re a short little manlet you might want to travel to Japan so you can get some poontang. Most likely anyone reading this article is a midget, because big people like me don’t waste time reading. You may even find a “girlfriend” who will finally look up to you. Just make sure you pretend you’re rich, otherwise they’ll lose interest pretty fast.