5 Must-Have Nendoroids to Buy to Build Your Perfect Collection

5 Must-Have Nendoroids to Buy to Build Your Perfect Collection

I’m SUPER EXCITED to be a writer for JapanJunky. My name is グレゴリー, also known as “Greg”. I recently moved to the Tokyo region on a full visa, after my wife and her partner helped me get the funds together!

When you imagine the coolest and most #epic product what comes to mind? Nintendo Switch (Go Mario!), perhaps some manga? I personally have been collecting FunkoPops! for several years now (My rarest one is the metallic James Rhodes collectible - worth over $600!). In Japan they do not have “funkopops” and instead have Nendoroids. Today, we will be ranking the top five Nendoroids. These will be ranked based off of physical style (How cute it is ^-^), how much money it might be worth, and how #Nendoroid it truly is!

Wow! Stan Lee truly is THE MAN!! Without him, we wouldn’t have my all time favorite superhero (GO IRONMAN! DEATH TO DC!) This Nendoroid is dedicated in honor to a man who practically saved the world as we know it. Stan Lee dedicated much of his time to honoring victims of the holocaust #stunning.

I think for any Marvel fan, this is a must purchase for your blossoming Nendoroid collection. I think as a centerpiece this is truly marvelous, as you can have all of the Marvel heroes looking up to Stan Lee. It would be perfect for your “marvel shrine”, as we all know no self respecting Marvel fan is found without the Marvel shrine in their domicile. 

In my expert opinion, the Stan Lee Nendoroid will be worth $1000 in six years - due to the fact that Marvel is now slowing down on its movie production. Marvel still routinely makes the most out of any movie franchise, and that means it truly is THE BEST!

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the Stan Lee Nendoroid NOW!!

Hatsune Miku really makes me warm in my nether regions (MINECRAFT! I AM A DWARF AND I'M DIGGY DIGGY HOLE) I think she is absolutely kawaii and STUNNING! I think Hatsune Miku is the ultimate purchase for any Nendoroid collector.

#1930 is truly beautiful, as her eyes are closed and this is incredibly rare for a Nendoroid. This of course increases the value of the product, but it simply is not as “kawaii” as some other Hatsune Miku figures. I believe that this is a great choice for an investor, who is looking to put their money into a retirement object.

As I am a massive fan of collections, I think that you should have “sets” of Nendoroids. For the low price of maybe $100, this could be yours! In roughly five years, it is my expert opinion this could be worth upwards of $5000, especially with how the vocaloid genre is taking off!

Are you surprised? I for one LOVE Hatsune Miku. My current Hatsune Miku Nendoroids are currently bathed in a jar right now in my room in Tokyo. This one is especially good, especially as you can see the thigh fat of the Nendoroid bulge around her knee high socks.

Unlike the last one, the eyes are open which is definitely not as rare - but it definitely makes this super cute and kawaii! YOU MUST PURCHASE THIS. If you are a member of the Nendoroid family, or even the vocaloid family this is a MUST BUY! 

One thing that is rare is the open mouth (The things you could do if it was truly open - (>w<) hehe) which definitely increases the value of this product! It won’t be worth as much as number 4, so we put this in the ballpark area of $2000 in roughly five years.

I love skirts. I’m not ashamed to admit I own a few skirts myself. In fact, before I moved to Japan I would frequently dress up in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform and watch my wife and her partner together! It truly was a bonding experience, and Nendoroid #2089 reminds me of the costume I would wear.

Perhaps I’m being selfish, and this isn’t truly a “great” Nendoroid. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OF COURSE IT IS GREAT - IT’S HATSUNE MIKU! The pig tails make me super moist, and I think that this would look great with the Stan Lee Nendoroid. Stan Lee could be surrounded by four different Hatsune Miku Nendoroids - like his own personal harem! That’s what Stan Lee deserved, after all.

I won’t say this is a “must buy”, but if you want to complete the harem set you MUST get this one. I do not see the value rising substantially on this, SO BE WARNED!

Wow! Can you say “cute”?? This charming little figurine is sure to make you change your underwear. This takes the number one spot for several reasons. Firstly, who DOESN’T love Hatsune Miku? She is such a cute little kawaii baby. 

Probably one of the most popular Nendoroids in the upcoming September edition, this is surely going to be worth A LOT of money. If you love Japan like I do, you’re definitely going to order SEVERAL of these figurines. 

Now, I love inclusion in my FunkoPop! Collection, so it’s important that my Nendoroids have the same level of inclusion. It might come as a shock to some of you, but Hatsune Miku is actually (gasp!) Non-Binary!!! So make sure you buy those LGBT flags and hang them up above your Nendoroid display case.

I’m going to be sending one of these back to my wife in the States, since our anniversary is coming up in the next couple weeks. I hope my little Hatsune Miku is enjoying her time with Daquarius back in Akron.

Regardless, I hope this article will serve you fine gentlemen (and, perhaps, a couple ladies) well in their Nendoroid search. Until next time, I am your friendly neighborhood Japanese reviewer! Make sure you leave a comment as to what YOUR favorite Nendoroid is!

Yellowfever’s Note:

Greg didn’t last long in the office. We don’t really like coomsumers, so I’ve actually killed him with a claw hammer and dumped him in a drainage pipe outside of Kyoto. We’re still gonna use his retarded articles so we can recoup our losses on him.

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