Unveiling the Shadows: Exploring Human Trafficking and Kidnapping in Japan

Japan is not as safe as you may have been led to believe. Many crimes are under reported in the Land of the Rising Sun - mainly because of how many Americans attack underaged Japanese girls.

Unveiling the Shadows: Exploring Human Trafficking and Kidnapping in Japan

Japan is not as crime-free as you may think.

Is kidnapping seen as a ‘problem’ in Japan? Scientists would say ‘no’ - and those scientists would be from Japan. The culture seems to overlook kidnapping, as well as other serious crimes against children. In this article, we will explore what this means and what it looks like in a modern-day Jippon.

Japan is the world capital of child abduction, worse than Somalia and Afghanistan. This means it was a perfect country for me to visit back in the day, before I married my wife Chihiro (I call her Hirohito). Some of the weeaboos will defend Japan, saying that child abduction is “okay” and just what the Japanese do. I’m here to tell you that CHILD ABDUCTION IS NEVER FUNNY OR “OKAY”!!!!

Kidnapping in Japan

How they hide the crime rates

The Japanese “government” covers up the kidnapping rates, claiming it is only 0.2 kidnappings per 100,000 people. Uh….how do you kidnap two tenths of a child? Do you cut them up first? That seems pretty fucking violent to me. Regardless, about two thousand Japanese people were arrested for crimes against children (hint: the word begins with ‘M’ and rhymes with ‘Train Station’).

Imagine this scenario. A husband and wife divorce and the wife takes the children (Because they don’t ‘train-station’ their children like the husbands usually do, YUCK!). The husbando is upset and tracks down the kid and seizes them from the mother. Guess what? That’s called kidnapping DUDE. But over in Japan they think that’s alright - and that is why the kidnapping rate is so low in Japan compared to America or Canada.

It seems that the Japanese simply do not view ‘familial kidnapping’ as an issue. There have been attempts to change this. The government of Japan has implemented national plans of action to end child sexual abuse and kidnapping. I guess that’s good, but you have a real serious problem if the government is handling these issues and not some soppy NGO that is run by rich stay-at-home wives.

Beyond the scope of Japan, it seems a lot of gaijin like to run to Japan with their kidnapped victims in tow. Of course, the Japanese government doesn’t care at all about you bringing along your kidnapping victim with you. I hate that Japan ignores stuff like this. They want to pretend they live in some sci-fi utopia, but it’s more like Blade Runner. Not the cool Blade Runner 2049 either, I mean the one from the eighties where everything was super gritty and the protagonist was a drunken sexual abuser.

Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

The only reason you white devils want to go to Japan

Kidnapping and abduction is one crime, but the crime that typically follows kidnapping and abduction is sexual assault. 

Let’s break down these numbers: One in five Japanese women say they were sexually abused while a child. One in thirteen Japanese men say they were sexually abused while a child. So far, no reports on how many non-binary Japanese people were abused - but I’d say most likely all of them were.

It seems that you can’t find a straight answer on child sexual abuse in Japan, with it being between 10% and 60% for young girls. That is insane. I can see now why so many fat disgusting white guys fly to Japan. You’re DISGUSTING if you visit Japan, you sick degenerate pervert. It’s weird too that the range is SO large. I think that the Government of Japan and families silence victims to make their country appear “better”. We all know your country stinks, it’s run by drunken American GIs who take what they want. They roam the countryside of Japan like warbands - just look at some of the desolate towns near American bases.

Sex ‘crimes’ are very high in Tokyo especially. Child prostitutes roam the streets of Tokyo as if it were a lawless wild western brothel town. It’s in plain sight but most gaijin don’t notice it. I must have a certain look because I usually find these child brothels pretty easily in Tokyo. If you look for these brothels you are a sick individual, and you should only EVER engage with women of age who were sex trafficked. Never lower yourself to having sex with an underage child, even if the age of consent in Japan is sixteen. I know you sick freaks are upset since they recently raised their age of consent from thirteen to sixteen. Yeah, I’m looking at YOU r/Japan.

A large issue with this is the American GI population in Japan. Soldiers are some of the dirtiest, scummiest individuals you’d ever meet on the planet. I spit on them when they want me to “thank them for their ‘service’”. What service? Hiring Japanese child prostitutes, sexually abusing Japanese men and women, and generally being an annoying nuisance in the towns of Japan? During the occupation (which, by the way, is still ongoing) forty Japanese women per day were raped by American GIs. Pretty rookie compared to Russians, but still up there considering you probably shouldn’t rape people - especially since you can easily hire prostitutes in Japan.

There are 2,000 American marines (HOO-RAH) stationed in Japan. FACT: Anime was created by the CIA and Zionist elites to psyop the Japanese to be submissive breedable femboys - but THE BEAST LAYS BELOW. The 2,000 marines who diddle the little kids won’t be able to last long when the noble Japanese Samurai awaken and expel them from their lands. Guess what Americucks? Only the Japanese can sexually abuse their children! Get your paws off them.

I’d also like to note the…complexion of the Marines who have been doing these perverted sexual crimes. I’m not saying anything about it, but, unusually, the only three black marines in Japan were sexually abusing little girls. Of course, we know that those boys didn’t do nothing, but it’s unusual that such disgusting racism is as prevalent in Japan as it is in the United States.

So, if you want to score some poon in Japan where do you go? Firstly, don’t go to the local USA barracks because they’re probably elbow-deep in some Japanese schoolgirls (HOO-RAH BOYS, AMIRITE?) I might be a sex-addicted FREAK, but I’m never going to touch those under the age of consent in Japan (Which is now 16, by the way - make sure you don’t go below that!)

The best place to score some Japanese poon (They don’t shave) is at these places called “soapland”. Basically, as a foreigner, you’re gonna get ripped off. They save the best-looking skanks for the locals but don’t buy into that bull. You need to go in there, sweaty and full of testosterone, and SCREAM at the local Japanese pimps face to get him to show you his finest poontang.

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