The Definitive List of Best Japanese Denim Brands You Can't Miss

Japanese Denim is known for being the best in the world. WHY? Because the Japanese put their life energy into the creation of their products. They aren't Cambodian slave children in a factory, they're craftsmen.

The Definitive List of Best Japanese Denim Brands You Can't Miss

You gotta dress a lot better than you do, man.

So, a giant fat American chud like yourself is looking to get into the Japanese fashion scene. I’d be impressed if you could actually fit into their designer brands, especially since an XXL in Japan is probably a Medium in North America. Who am I to judge you if you want to piss away your money on ill-fitted Japanese denim, especially when you probably typically spend most of your welfare cheque on donating to the newest and hottest CIA funded psyop e-girl pornstar.

Like all good things in Japan, denim became popular when all of the USA marines came over and started bringing (forcing) their culture on the people. That’s why rape statistics have blown to unfathomable numbers ever since American GIs have landed in Japan. The love for denim is HOT in Japan.

Since the mid nineties, it has become increasingly more affordable for young people in Japan to own some good quality denim brands. We will explore the world of the best Japanese Denim Brands - that actual Japanese buy (and are not made to export to freaks living in California).

Why is Japanese Denim special?

Because it's from Japan, obviously.

Many denim companies still hand stitch their jeans, which not only enhances the quality of the denim but adds a level of “spirituality” to the product. You see, when a craftsman pours his energy into hand making something for a customer, a part of his soul is put into that product. By wearing his jeans, you’re carrying around his life essence. 

In North America, we mainly have Levi and Dickies for good quality denim (even if both are used for different things, with Dickies mainly being used for work). Dickies is mass produced by little Honduran child slaves, and Levi is made by drunk Mexicans in a factory. Neither of which give you the “life energy” you need when wearing special hand crafted pants.

When you have a choice between something which was mass produced or a handcrafted product which can cost half that cost - it should be a no brainer. Especially since you eat up Japanese culture like a fly eats shit. You just can’t get enough - SO BUY FROM ONE OF THESE FIVE JAPANESE DENIM BRANDS NOW!

Number 5 - Insakura Denim

For the edgy city kids

You know when you see pictures of all the edgy Japanese people full of kid energy, walking around in amazingly designed street wear? Essentially, Insakura caters to that style. Of note is their “denim harem” style, which features the rolled up bottom and a “scrubs” like appearance that makes it edgy and hip.

Something is super hot about a really attractive girl wearing dumpy looking jeans like that. It’s like you don’t care about your appearance, but you actually do. It says “I don’t care” (even though you do care). 

As for you, you probably would like the fact it looks like scrubs. I know I do. When I was an orderly in America, I loved wearing scrubs. They were very easy to take off when I was hooking up with all the hot nurses I know that you’re getting no shortage of the gash, since you’ve read my dating articles and are probably drowning in women throwing themselves at you.

Anyways, if you buy this for your paid for date she’ll love you (in your head). You have to make sure it’s for one of those “alt” girls though. They’re super punk and love to KICK ASS! If you wear this you’re telling the world “LOOK AT ME, I’M SPECIAL!” Which is what we all want in life!

Number 4 - Momotaro Jeans

The basic guy option.

This is the “easy” choice for high quality Japanese pants. Not only are they insanely cheap (roughly $250 USD - which is chump change), they’re hand crafted and designed by Japanese robots in Kojima. At the end of the day if you purchase this brand of denim, you’ll be totally fine.

I’m not going to be a moron and recommend certain pants to you. Why? Because you might be a fat-ass lardhole who consumes everything around them to hide their “feelings” for their sister. In that case I’d probably recommend the wide fit.

One of the reason so many of the Japanese fetishists love Momotaro is because it’s very easy to ship their products over to the States and Canada. I was really excited to see their denim jackets. They have a VERY large selection of pants. 

I’m Canadian, so I love denim jackets. The Momotaro denim jackets look like dog shit, in my opinion. I do not like the white band around the arm, since that reminds me of the gestapo. Currently they have a single jacket without the white gestapo armband. This is the only acceptable Momotaro denim jacket, and I really don’t care what dumb lazy Americans have to say on denim jackets since wearing a denim jacket paired with denim pants is called a “canadian tuxedo” for a reason.

Notice the gestapo arm band?

Number 3 -  D’Artisan

You know the Japanese are serious when they bust out French.

You know the Japanese get fancy when they bust out their broken French skills. I really enjoy their “Salesman” line. Good luck understanding a single word on their page, since it’s all in Japanese and half of it doesn’t make any sense. You can tell that this company has no white people working for it, which is a massive positive because white foreigners in Japan are typically kid grooming freaks.

Their products are very nice (really, D’Artisan is one of the few good brands that Japan has for designer denim). I always go to the jackets first, and the “Salesman Jacket” actually uses light colour blocking techniques which is unique compared to the other brands I reviewed.

The pants are nice, and are obviously made to compliment the accompanying jacket. It follows that VERY SUBTLE colour blocking (a darker colour paired with a lighter), which makes it really pop and stand out.

Number 2 - Evisu

As heard in a forgettable Jay-Z Song

I think pretty much everyone knows Evisu, and it’s for good reason. What’s that you little maggot? You don’t know what Evisu is? Are you some culturally stunted moron from the suburbs of Richmond? Truth be told, Evisu is the “high end” denim brand in Japan. That means you probably cannot afford it with your monthly government allowance.

However, on the off chance you can - this is much superior than Momotaro. I love looking at denim jackets before looking at the pants, because if a company puts in a lot of effort into the jacket that means their pants will be phenomenal.

Evisu is perfect for the Japanese “punk” who wants to show off some nice designs on their denim. My favourite jacket from Evisu looks like it belongs in cyberpunk. If you want that edgy feel, definitely wear this brand.

Unfortunately, none of what they make will look good on a fat guy. You’ll need to be thin to pull off this look. Imagine if you say some beast walking down the aisle of a Walmart, and they were wearing that jacket? Not cool.

Their pants are equally as flashy. Flashy is back in style, baby. No more toned down bullshit. The issue I have with Evisu (and why it’s only number 2), is that their flashy pants do not pair well with their jackets. I think when you have the flash, you need to tone it down.

Toned down denim jeans go better with a funky and fresh jacket, then wacky pants go with a toned down jacket. That’s just how life is. If you don’t like it, don’t buy these jackets. These denim jackets are designed for Gods, not for little boys playing with nendoroids.

If you want a ranking based solely off jackets, Evisu is number one hands down. However, we’re looking for overall appeal and I believe that their pants (while amazing) offset their brand as a whole. If you bought plain denim pants with a fancy jacket, that would work wonderfully for your compensated date with a little 18 year old.

Number 1 - ONI Denim

Made by the Devil

The main reason why I’ve ranked ONI as number one, is because of the fact that an actual demon is producing their products. No, I do not mean that figuratively. They have an actual Oni (from Phasmophobia) actually sewing their denim using magical powers.

Remember how I talked about spiritual energy being inside of your pants? Well, I’d say that an actual oni working its magic into your jeans ensures that you’re pretty much the coolest kid in town. Imagine saying to somebody, “Oh yeah my pants? A fucking demon created these pants in a sweatshop. Aren’t these cool?” You’ll be the talk of the schizophrenic ward!

Oni Denim is fantastic for a number of reasons. Firstly, I believe their jackets are very reasonably priced for what they are. A 20 oz rough denim jacket is in the $300 USD price range. That is cheap for a designer brand, especially one that is from overseas. If you can't afford that, you should probably work harder. Stop being poor.

Of course I love the jackets, but how do their pants hold up in comparison? At the end of the day fashion is highly subjective, but I really enjoy the hand stitching they do on some of their denim. They stitch the face of an Oni on the back pocket face, which really makes their brand iconography “pop”. 

Everyone knows the oni face is awesome. You should probably buy from this brand just because of that. I love branding. Oni beats out Evisu because oni does everything “right”. It’s good quality, has nice branding (easily identifiable), and both their pants and jackets look classic and perfect for everyone.