Weighing in on Japan's Legal Stance on Obesity Rates

Do the "Matebo" Laws make it Illegal to be Fat in Japan? Why do you see so few fat people in Japan? Delve into this article to discover the shocking truth.

Weighing in on Japan's Legal Stance on Obesity Rates

Being fat is disgusting. If you’re a fat piece of shit, you should be mocked and ridiculed for overeating. In Japan they actually make sure these fat asses are kept down, because otherwise you’d have to see chubby girls with their muffin tops hanging over jeans which are two sizes too small for them.

Is It Actually Illegal To Be Fat in Japan?

The answer will shock you!

You’ve probably heard about how Japan has made it “illegal” to be fat. While that is not true, it should be. People who are fat should be rounded up and put into “diet camps” where you’re forced to clean up nuclear sludge and have a strict kelp diet. The Japanese are prolific human experimenters as well. They microwaved Chinese people during WW2 to see what would happen, so they could probably do the same to fat people.

In Japan, it is very unusual to see overweight people. If you’re overweight (and not a sumo wrestler), you’re basically taking up valuable space in Japan. When I was in Japan, I noticed all the chubby Japanese girls (who I’d NEVER touch with my meat pole) all had serious mental issues. They were either “mentally ill” (possessed by Oni) or slightly retarded.

If you look at most chubby people in Japan (as seen here) they’re borderline lolcows who should be kept away from the public. I want you ALL to translate the posts on this. The Japanese are not your typical Americans. They aren’t feminized. One comment basically tells this person to lose weight and to fix their goofy teeth. Japan is brutal. That’s why I love Japan.

Other videos show fat people charging at innocent hot Japanese girls and attacking them. Is that what we want Japan to come to? We need to protect all the skinny girls from the fat whales, who are jealous of the fact that both Japanese Men and White Men want to get with them. That’s why they’re so deranged.

Notice the poop stains?

So, is it illegal to be fat? No, not a “de jure” law - but it is de facto. The Japanese will mock, insult, and put you down for being overweight. Walking around from place to place is very common as well. How can you do that when you’re 600 pounds and suffering from BPD?

When you look at all of the successful people in Japan, they’re fit and attractive. Why? Is it because ALL Japanese people are attractive? Definitely not. It’s because the uglies and flabbies are locked away deep inside some shitbox apartment that costs $100 USD a month, wasting away watching anime and consuming manga (and shitting themselves). Do you think they’re locked away because they want to be? 

Look at America and Canada. All of the fat people are out on full display. Their massive grundles hanging below their belt, for the whole world to see. Back home, nobody gives a shit about how they look or how they act. Over in Japan, you’d probably NEVER see a girl looking disheveled (like how all the girls in America look like they were just gangbanged by sixteen black guys). Sure, the Japanese girl probably was too - but at least she was classy enough to put on makeup after.

Why Do People Think It's Illegal?

Maybe because they cannot read?

Retards who can’t read assume it’s illegal because there is a version of the “fat tax” in Japan. It’s actually pretty progressive, since the tax isn’t even that bad. When you’ve over consumed your entire life (it’s always a woman too), and become an obese monster you pose a significant health risk for the community.

Firstly, the police will unfortunately not round up the fatties and put them in those diet camps I mentioned earlier. It’s just a social taboo to be fat in Japan. A lot of western losers will cry about how it’s not “fair” at how the fatties are treated. To me, it just makes sense.

There is something known as the “Metabo Laws”. Of course the Japanese give it some stupid ass name. Basically, it’s about controlling metabolic illnesses which can occur. The idea is simple. At the age of 40, your Doctor will measure your waistline and ensure you fall within proper guidelines. 

You might be thinking, “Do I go to jail if I eat all my twinkies?” and the answer is NO. “Will I be fined?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! That’s why I’m so pissed off. Instead of you being fined, they fine the local municipality or your company. Why  would your company be fined for you being a fat ass? 

I think if I had the choice between hiring a fat person in Japan (and possibly being fined), or hiring an attractive petite Japanese girl who I can bang on my desk all day long - I’d choose the hot girl. 

THAT IS THE POINT THOUGH! You mouth breathing reddit retards who think that it’s not “technically” illegal need to WAKE UP. FATTIES ARE NOT HIRED. I can tell your jowls are shaking on your disgusting blubber face. Your gluttony is not rewarded in Japan.

It really isn’t a bad thing. I was tired of seeing fat losers with skid marks walking around in public, so I moved to Japan. Now some of these people are getting “western” ideas and think you should pity the shitty pants fat retards, but I think you should just put them on the kelp diet and teach them to really go deep on the bidet cleaning.

Is Being Fat Okay?

My body my choice!

Nope. If you think being fat is okay, you’re probably some weak wristed beta male who would wait until his girlfriend proposed for marriage. Of course being fat isn’t okay. You put a heavy burden on your country - both figuratively and literally.

I’m not going to pull up the stats on how unhealthy it is to be fat. Let’s just remember this: All women need to be skinny and look breedable. If you’re a guy you need to dominate and throw these little women around. If they’re too big that’s a turn off. You might as well bang a guy at that point and be bottomed out.

So, does the “Matebo Laws” work and help reduce obesity in Japan? Definitely.

Obesity Rates in Japan vs America

Once again, America wins!

Both countries are comparable. The Japanese use robots for manual labour, the Americans used black people. The actual numbers work out to being about this. 6.0% of Japanese Men are “obese” (most of these are masculine sumo wrestlers) and only 4.3% of Japanese Women are obese. 

Are you ready to hear the numbers in America? It’s no wonder all of the hot, single, and eligible male bachelors are fleeing America at greater numbers to find hot Asian women. 43% of men are obese in America, and 42% of women are obese. 

Do you ever wonder why? Do you think it’s because in Japan, being fat is seen as being extremely mentally ill and effectively making your life impossible to live? OBVIOUSLY! If we did the same thing to the massive black holes over in North America (and Europe, most Europeans are fatties too) then we’d reduce our obesity rate to single digits (basically only those with mental illness would be fat).

I can’t stand you little weak men who will gossip about this article too. You’ll say things like “Yellowfever is taking that out of context” or “He isn’t talking about the dietary differences!” You sniveling little coward. You’re so mentally obtuse, you don’t even realize that:


Any person who took a basic social justice Anthropology 101 class would know that (and if you DID NOT take an anthropology class, that means you’re a poor loser and I don’t want to communicate with you). Food makes the society you live in. They also eat that food because it’s healthier than consuming two big macs a day, pumping back six coffees, and sucking massive load. That’s why they’re skinny and healthy, and you’re a fat loser who can’t wipe their own ass.

Look, there is a reason why in America being fat is “celebrated”. Look at those two sisters who collectively weigh more than a small vehicle, the “1000 lb Sisters”. Look at the one fat ass who dances but can’t seem to lose weight. It’s celebrated over in America because all of you are fat pieces of shit and want to see yourselves on television. When a fat person is on TV in Japan, they’re forced to eat actual human shit.

Beauty and Fashion in Japan

Why being fat sucks.

It’s obvious that many of the Japanese people care a lot about fashion and beauty. We are in the era of the “e girl influencers”, so if we compare western e girls to the e girls in Japan there is no comparison. The men in Japan also dress a lot better. Even the good looking guys in America dress like they shop at a disgusting Walmart.

It is very hard to find “large” sizes in Japan. That’s why you frequently will see landwhales wearing clothing that makes them look like a toddler with a bib on. Their shirts are so shrunken that, effectively, they cannot even go outside without being embarrassed and made fun of.

Are Sumo Wrestlers “Obese”?

If you asked a Sumo Wrestler if he was fat, he’d probably throw you through a wall and then obliterate your boy-hole for daring to suggest a trained athlete is the same as a fat loser mukbanging degenerate. Here is some information for you guys.

Body sculptors are weak and are unable to contend with the full strength of powerlifters or sumo wrestlers. They are not just “fat” they have high amounts of strength and endurance. They are not the same as Joe and Barbara from Oklahoma who shove truckloads of potato chips into their gaping holes.

Also, all the hot girls in Japan love the Sumo Wrestlers. One of my good friends does Sumo. It’s hard to meet up with him (due to the rules of sumo), but when we do go out it’s great. Instead of hiring fat people to follow me around like some loser, I’d rather make friends with the amazing sumo guys (it’s called not being socially retarded and making friends).

So, that answers the question “is it illegal to be Fat in Japan”. The answer is no, it is not illegal. However it is heavily discouraged through both fines (to your corporation or municipality, which in turn causes them to not want to hire fatties or have fatties living in their city). Furthermore, the culture of Japan prevents fat people from being seen as “serious”.