What is Compensated Dating in Japan?

What is compensated dating? Have you ever wanted to pay a woman (or man if you’re gay) for companionship, without the benefit of having sex with them? That’s compensated dating. Why do people get involved in doing this? Read this article to find out the hidden secrets of the world of enjo-kosai.

What is Compensated Dating in Japan?

What is the most respected profession in the world? You may dream of images of a doctor, a lawyer, or a police officer. Something that society as a whole looks at and says “you’re a somebody”. You probably think that because you’re nothing more than a proto-worm walking around in manflesh. The most respectable profession in the world is a “compensated dater”, you know those people who go on fake dates with fat losers so they don’t feel too bad? These cute little boys and girls doing this job are doing FAR more for society than any other profession, since they keep YOU fat little disgusting incels away from an AR-15 blasting little kids away (and not the ones in your pants either).

What is Compensated Dating, or Enjo-kosai?

Have you ever seen those super hot young girls in Las Vegas, holding onto the arm of a rich fat bastard at the casino? Unless you’re mentally challenged, you understand she is trading her “time” for his “money”. In no universe would a cute little hard-body like her want to go out with some flabby chubby loser in his 50s.

Compensated dating is basically that but without the blowjobs. You go to Japan (or a lesser Asian country) and see that little sixteen-year-old girls will go on “dates” with you if you pay for their Louis Vuitton collection. Except of course they do not put out, and why would you want them to unless you are some disgusting white pedophile looking to take advantage of Asian concubines. Think of it, like “sugar dating”, and YOU are the “sugar daddy”.

Why Do Japanese Girls Participate In Compensated Dating (Enjo-kosai)?

It isn't because they're interested in you.

If you had a petite frame that looked good in a mini-skirt, you’d probably sell your “companionship” too - considering these little girls take advantage of these fat balding old men who are bored of their plank-bodied wives who give them a twist-rub once every year (if that).

These girls make a KILLING from this. I was pumping white seed in Japan, and one of my many girlfriends told me she was a compensated dater. She told me about how some fat middle-aged Polish man bought her three Louis Vuitton bags in a single month. I ended up stealing one of the bags from her, but it made me realize how disgusting and lonely most of you are.

Not only do they get expensive gifts from these men (who, I must remind you, they NEVER sleep with) they are also PAID by these men. A true hard-working girl will make roughly $8,000 USD a month if they’re doing it full-time. They will usually charge over $100 USD an hour (not the shitty Japanese make-believe currency, REAL currency). 

It also depends on how good the girl looks. Japanese girls who are very attractive (like a horse, always check their teeth as they usually have bad teeth) will make a lot. Non-Japanese will never make money in Japan doing this.

Can I Hire A Man To Go On A Date With Me?

Aren’t you a special little guy. You want to go on a date with a man. Not even gay men go on dates with men, so that usually means you’re a lonely old lady whose husband is dating a 16-year-old compensated dater. So why shouldn’t you?

It is surprisingly common for older women to go on dates with younger Japanese men. This usually means that the woman is a 50-year-old who still thinks she is in High School. This is indicative of mental development issues spawned from years of alcohol abuse. 

This is a major issue in Japan, the fact that both older men and older women want to ignore their marital issues and instead pursue the idea of being “youthful”. That’s the issue. These men and women worked so hard their entire lives, and then they never had a real social life. No, I do not count being forced to drink with your boss and your work colleagues as a real social life. You can never be yourself around your coworkers. This really hurts women more than men, since women crave a social life.

So, these lonely women will hire a young good-looking guy to take them out on dates. Show them to their 50-year-old girlfriends, and get to pretend to be young again for a couple of hours. It’s pathetic, and sad, and has both the client and the worker manipulating one another. One sucks up the youthful energy and time of a young man who SHOULD be trying to start real relationships, and the other sucks up money and gifts from a lonely old lady going through menopause.

A lot of men actually make more than the average woman when doing this. There are more good-looking Japanese men out there than women. No, I am not gay - it’s just a fact. Additionally, a lot of the men who are married to these boring women WANT their wives to go out with these young guys. It gives their husbands “cover” to go out to do more interesting things than sleep with their wooden wives (golf, drinking, whatever) since their wives are too busy playing arcade games with a 17-year-old boy.

How Do I Hire Somebody To Go On A Date With Me In Japan?

Is it easier than going to a Brothel?

You should go to one of those “Host Clubs”. You go in and socialize with the Hostess. You are paying the owner of the club, but you develop a “relationship” with the hostess and eventually pay for her to go on dates with you. A lot of them look good, but the girls at the actual brothels look way better.

However, you cannot take a selfie with a prostitute. Vanity is the name of the game. Everyone is vain. You want to take pictures with a 5/10 Japanese girl to send back home to your buddies, who are all losers. They’ll sit there and say “Wow, Steve is so crazy! He’s laying pipe in Japanese women!” but in actuality, you’re just paying a girl to sit awkwardly with you at some restaurant because her English isn’t very good.

Anyways, just go to a Hostess Club. Don’t be a freak. Show that you have money and these girls will fight over YOU - so they can have the privilege of going on a date (at least in your mind). Everything at the Club will be very expensive, and might have a “theme”. It is not dirty, it’s very high class. So don’t wear your stained underwear with skid marks in it. You need to look classy.

How Should I Act When I’m On A Compensated Date In Japan?

The answer will surprise you...

Don’t act rapish. Basically, don’t be yourself.

Yes. Back in the day it was seen as a form of pedophilia (which I’m sure some Redditors, love the idea of), but now it seems it’s girls between the ages of 18 - 21 pretending to be school girls. At least, that’s my view on it. 

It is technically not “prostitution”, since there is no expectation of physical contact. You’re just paying the person to come out with you on a date. How can you make that legal or illegal, it’s impossible to enforce. However, if you’re picking up lot lizardsor and having public sex of course that’ll be illegal. The Japanese do not treat foreigners well who break the law, by the way.

Can I Date A Minor When Doing Compensated Dating In Japan?

Yeah, you're on a list now.

What a question to ask. There is no expectation of physical contact, and many minors HAVE done compensated dating. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of compensated dating is about making yourself feel youthful and full of “kid energy” again. However, that does not make it right.

Do not date a minor in Japan. That’s creepy and weird. Luckily for children, most foreign predators are stuck using Hostess Clubs as a way to find these girls (who are all over the age of 18), so it seems that the only children who will be abused by foreigners are the ones nearest to an American Marine base (or shawarma stall).

Compensated dating is all about gaining kid energy back. Most of the people who use it are actually Japanese, not foreigners. Foreigners are stuck using Hostess Clubs, which are slightly different than the mainstream “enjo kosai”. 

Good luck in Japan, and happy hunting!